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Larry Benoit sheath knives?

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31 March 2009, 19:58
Bernie P.
Larry Benoit sheath knives?
Anybody have comments on these?
11 April 2009, 03:34
The one or two I've seen are rather crude looking things, not even close to worth the $$ asked for them. My 2 cents.
11 April 2009, 20:39
Bernie P.
I've only seen pics of them in the book Big Bucks the Benoit way by Bryce Towsley.In fairness the Benoits have never gone for the latest gear or anything fancy sticking with the bare essentials and whats worked well for them in the field.How much were the ones you saw?
13 April 2009, 02:23
I grew up idolizing the Benoits, reading the Vermont Sportsman regularly!! I dressed like them and made an attempt to hunt like them(with varying results) until my move to Alaska in 1976. Last year we had a young fellow from upstate NY helping out in camp and he had a Benoit Knife, it was unigue to hold a knife Larry had made but not enough craftmanship to shell out a couple hudred bucks.

I tend to use more than enough gun
13 April 2009, 04:01
Bernie P.
Two hundred does sound steep even if it's from a deer hunting icon.