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Replaceable blade knives?
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I'm considering buying one of the replaceable blade knives to use skinning wild hogs. Looking at the Outdoor Edge and the Havlon. Anybody have any experience with these? My elk guide used one last year and loves them. But I would like some more opinions.

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When I was bear hunting in NM a couple years back, all the guides and game wardens carried HAVALON knives. Consequently when I got back home I ordered two different sizes and three different blade patterns.

Havilon Piranta

Havilon Barracuta

They have become part of my kit.

Basically like a folding lock-blade scalpel. However do not try to pry with them. I do not use them when separating a hind-quarter at the socket joint, it's failure theater.

They are reasonably inexpensive for both the knife base/handle and the replaceable

They will work great on hogs. We do not field dress, but bring all animals that will be skinned back to camp. We hang from hind legs on a gambrel. One has to be careful not to cut the leader/tendon. Also hogs in the hill country usually are covered with fine grit that is almost like concrete. I use the Havalon for my starting cut just below the ankle joint where the skin is thin.

If I'm concerned about keeping the cape and not piercing the hide I do not use the Havilon. I use a semi-skinner or something with an upsweep to the blade. The havilon is just too thin and sharp and if you are not very very careful you will cut/poke a hole in your cape.

The blades are easy to change, just be careful and use a pair of pliers or a table surface to install/take off.

Another consideration. You might want to keep a fingernail brush in your kit in order to clean the knife/blades.


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They are the work of the devil.

They are good for slicing so treat them like a razor and they will do fine.

Just no pride in handing it down to the family.

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"They are the work of the devil."

Jerry, your response cracked me up and I agree!

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rotflmo Sounds like Kathy Bates in "Water Boy"!
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Havalon are fantastic. Especially for hogs. I have different sizes, types and blade sizes. Carry one for show and the Havalon to use.
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