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Damascus Steel Question
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Which pattern and steel combinations take and hold the sharpest knife edge?
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this could be good----

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I hope you brought your popcorn whilst you empty this big can of worms. lol

Naw, it really gets down to it is just two or more steels put together. A qualified smith should be able to tell you exactly how much carbon he should have in his Damascus. It should be heat treated thusly. If the smith knows what he is doing it will hold its edge no better nor no worse than his regular steel knives.

There is a lot of misconception about Damascus still have several centuries. It is told that it will not hold its edge, that it is a super steel and will hardly get dull, I was told years ago that you could not chop with it, only slice cuts, and that was by the guys I learned from.
Yes, you can chop with it, slice, dice and maker Julian fries. Smiler It makes a good using knife. I prefer Damascus for my personal knives that I make for myself. I like the quality, I also prefer mine engraved. I have a jim dandy Damascus knife that Mike Williams made. I would not mind chopping a 2x4 with any Damascus pattern that he made. But, he knows what he is doing. That's the point, pick a qualified smith to begin with.

Ok, on Damascus patterns. There manipulated patterns, there are forged in patterns and there are stock removal patterns, that is patterns once they are achieved them must be stock removed down to keep or show that pattern and cannot be forged to shape.

Now, saying all that, damascus will hold its value better. It also shows well the abilities of the smith and carried a pride with it from both the smith and the owner as something special now as it was several hundred years ago.

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Well, starting from the definition let's get some proper info.
Damascus has little to do with it as it was only a trading center.Properly we are talking about "pattern welded " or "layered steel ".Lots of choices for steels and patterns.
One of the favorite here is 1080/15N20 . Enough nickel in the 15n20 to get good contrast and high enough carbon to get a good edge.very forgeable too.
Pattern is whatever you want, contrast depends on acid used and the variables .Have fun with it !!
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What that Fisk guy said.
If the smith is using good steel; say 15n20/1084; and knows how to heat treat it, then the rest is just your preference.
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