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Schrade Walden SWA787Y

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31 May 2010, 07:56
Schrade Walden SWA787Y
Just purchased a Schrade Walden SWA787Y still in the unopened factory box (clear plastic box). Can't find any information on it.

You guys have any idea when it was made or what its worth. Still has heavy factory tape on box.

Thanks and God Bless, Louis
02 June 2010, 00:05
mete has a Schrade Collector's section .That's the place to ask . Walden NY [just came back from there !] was the original home of Schrade but they then moved to nearby Ellenville NY.The sign 'Imperial-Schrade ' is still on the building though the company went under a few years ago. Some of the Schrade people there then formed Canal Street Cutlery. Smiler
02 June 2010, 08:15
Thanks mete, I'll check em out.

God Bless, Louis