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2015 $8.00 knife

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15 September 2015, 09:03
Jerry Fisk
2015 $8.00 knife
Each year at my micro show I offer one of my hunters to the clients that are here at chance at one of my hunting knives for $8.00. This is because when I first started out making knives that is what I charged for one, $8.00 each of a matched pair for $15.00.
They must be present to win of course and they put then name in a sack and we draw for it.
Each year they are different. This year has desert Iron wood for the handle, the blade is water quenched 5160 carbon steel. There is a tad of engraving. This is a one off piece. I hope they like it, who ever wins it at the show next month.

Keep the Pointy end away from you
15 September 2015, 09:22
What year did you offer such a knife for $8.00?
How about a "Buy It Now" price of $108.00? I'll take two.

"Truth is the daughter of time."
Francis Bacon
15 September 2015, 16:23
p dog shooter
Very nice Jerry you make nice stuff