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7.62 x 39

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19 February 2021, 08:57
Ram Rod
7.62 x 39
Looking for a good hand load for a 7.62 X 39 rifle. Preferably using a bullet that is 125gr. Speer book says use a 125gr spitzer soft tipped but I'd be darned if I ever saw one.

Currently I load 123gr Hornady Interlock bullets using AA1680 and I can't even hit the broad side of a barn!! someone help me!
19 February 2021, 19:17
Good results with Hornady load data using .310 or .308 bullets. With factory ammo my Remington 799 groups like this.

Ruger No.1-A groups like this with .308 150gr handload.

19 February 2021, 21:03
AR data
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19 February 2021, 23:37
No.1 performance with .308 130gr TSX BT.

09 March 2021, 01:38
Ram Rod,
In my experience, AA 1680 or Win 680 are poor powder choices for accuracy. Using a Yugo mini mauser off the bench, my best groups were around 4". Other powders gave around 2" groups. I used 125 gr. Rem. .310 bullets. Finally gave up and accepted that would be the best I could expect from the gun and used it to whack pigs at under 50 yd. distances.


31 December 2021, 19:51
Hello All!
Many years ago I had an SKS in 7.62x39, and I found Reloader 7 was the best powder for accuracy and velocity.
That stuff just worked, and I never looked at another.
I don't remember any of the load data, though.
I hope this helps!
04 January 2022, 04:36
In my experience the problem with the 7.62x39mm is usually the rifle not the ammunition. Examples: I have a Ruger Mini-30 that never shoots smaller than 2" 5 shot groups at 100 yards. I have a CZ 527 that regularly shoots 5/8" 5 shot groups at 100 yards with a couple different loads. Finally, for a lark I had a .308" barrel for a 6ppc bolt face Stolle Panda chambered in 7.62x39mm. It would shoot 10 shot aggregates in the 1/4" range at 100 yards. Based on that I am pretty sure the case itself is not the limiting factor.

I use AA-1680 and .310" Hornday 123 grain SP or .311" 123 grain Sierra SP on my Dillon 550 for loading a bunch of ammunition. I use Reloader 7, H-322, VV-130, and H-335 on a single stage press with .310" Hornday Vmax for varmints and .308" 150 grain Win PowerPoints or .308" 150 grain Sierra ProHunters for hogs. I seem to be able to get away with loading .308" 150 grain and they still shoot well even though they are undersized by 0.002"-0.003".

For what it is worth I use Hornaday, Redding, and a Lee Collet dies depending on the press I am using. The Lee Collet die I use has a custom mandrel for .308" I ordered up from Lee as well as the .310" mandrel. Those collet dies sure work a treat. I highly recommend them for oddball things where you might shoot different size bullets like this or cartridges with funky, thin necks (e.g. 22 Hornet)

Oh...I use Lapua brass on the single stage with CCI BR2 primers and Winchester brass on the Dillon with regular CCI LR primers. I have a stash of Remington brass that use Small Rifle primers (I used CCI BR4) that shoot great, but those would be close to impossible to find now with Remington being gone.

Here are some book loads from various Sierra Manual's recommended load listings that have worked well for me.

.311" 125 grain Sierra 23.5 grains AA-1680
.311 125 grain Sierra 26.5 VV-130
.311" 125 grain Sierra 29.0 grains H-322
.308" 150 grain Sierra 24.7 grains Reloader 7