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458 winchester magnum

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02 July 2022, 11:49
458 winchester magnum
Originally posted by .458 Only:
There was a need for a good 400gr/.458 to replace the 400gr X-Bullet by Barnes that they decided not to replace with a 400 TSX. Myself, along with several others, including Dr. Ron Berry (RIP), tried to persuade Barnes to produce a 400gr TSX to no avail. So Ron took the bull by its horns, came up with a design for an all-copper HP with an excellent BC and convinced Hammer Bullets to produce it. It came out as a 404gr with a BC of over .400, and is now available in the USA. At 2500- 2600 fps from a .458 Win it's ideal for most big game, including elk, bears, moose, bison, and most of Africa's big 5, except elephant. A solid 450 to 500 is typical for eles.

For N.A. game, I've loaded the 250gr MonoFlex to about 2680 fps (could go to 3000 fps), the 300 TSX to 2960 fps, the 350 TSX to 2780 fps, the 400-X to 2590 fps, the 450 A-Frame to over 2400, the 480 DGX to 2353 and 500gr Hornadys to 2317 fps. All that from my Ruger #1 with a ported 24" barrel. But the 250gr MonoFlex (Hornady) is sighted for bear and whitetails. As well, the 550 Woodleigh is loaded to 1666 fps and is good for any game, except elephant, to 200 yards or so. It's not needed or wanted to go max all the time with a Big Bore to have the results desired. And it's much easier on the body!

The .458 Win is one of, if not the most, versatile and flexible rifle cartridge in existence.

There is a place in Toronto that deals in Hammer bullets. I'll see if they would order some of those 404s for the Canadian market.


I agree Ron performed at great feat and service to the .458 fans with the 404 Shock Hammer. I have a fair supply of them now.
So far, I have only loaded them in 458 Lott. But, they are definitely destined for the 458 Winchester also. I think it is the best available 400 grain bullet out there.
I definitely gave up on Barnes making the 400 TSX. I was surprised when Buffalo Bore announced their loads for it. If Barnes had made it for public consumption, I would likely have never tried the Hammer bullet. But, I think the 404 Hammer is an exceptionally good bullet.
03 July 2022, 17:58
.458 Only
A review of seven of my handloads and one factory load by Hornady for the grand .458 Win Mag appears in my latest blog (pic heavy).


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