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Great news!!.

The best way to appreciate the struggle Woodleigh bullets have been through is ofcouse to place an order Cool

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Karl please, if you can, measure the bullet for me.

Thank you
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Hi Jiri, sorry had been away and took some time to track one down in my storage Smiler. Will measure tonight.
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I'm so glad they're going to be up and running again. When I started loading their 350g .375 Caliber bullets they were so responsive, polite and professional. I shoot their 350g HD SPs at 2550 fps out of my 7.5 lb Rem XCR II in 375 Weatherby. Hits hard at both ends Smiler



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I spoke to Huntington Die and Tool. They are USA agents or suppliers for Woodleigh bullets in North America. They still have a few bullets across calibers in stock. I got the last box of 275 grain, 358 PPs.

You just have to call and ask what they have.

Huntington told me today, they were told product would ship to them in 2024.

Woodleigh emailed me today in response to a question, that the 358, 275 PP is not stocked now (the disclaimer about the fire has been removed from their website. Woodleigh told me they hope to have my bullet back in production early next year bring 2023.

Thst is all I know.

I need to order their reloading manual from somebody.
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