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Taylor African Rifles

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31 August 2020, 00:54
Taylor African Rifles
My FIL gave me a 1st Edition today for my 32 birthday!

The Wife just handed me Art Apline’s Any Shot You Want! First Edition still in shrink wrap. Should I open it?
31 August 2020, 07:07
Good books.

Open it only if you want to read it...;-)
31 August 2020, 08:18
I did.

I found a stamp in African Rifles and Cartridges. This book at one time was part of a school library. How things have gotten worse.
31 August 2020, 09:23
Yup. At one time kids read widely, now it’s all tik tok...
31 August 2020, 09:47
I wasn't aware of what some of the schools were turning out with a diploma but when my son joined the navy in the mid-90s, he said most of those kids in basic couldn't read, couldn't use a pencil, + couldn't tie their shoes. That's a sad state of affairs for our nation. BTW, that's a great book; you'll read it over + over, I know I have!

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