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Good Day Ladies and Gents:

I am looking for information and value on a 12 bore I inherited from my father.

The shotgun is an A.A. Brown and Sons side by side, straight stock, choked full and full. The gun is not one of their newer models.

My father had the gun for thirty years and, he purchased it used.

I've written the company but have yet to receive a response.

Does anyone have knowledge of these guns.

Kind regards,


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They are a quality maker and made guns for Westley Richards in 1970s and 1980s. They have made both plain (unengraved) boxlocks and fully engraved sidelocks.

Can you tell us more about the gun?

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Did A.A. Brown mark the guns they made for Westley Richards in any way? I have a Westley scalloped action BLE from that era and cannot find any markings other than Westley's on it.


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The only information I have is the gun may be marked ABAS. However, some of the selling gunmakers did not want the guns marked in any way.

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Top end maker box lock or sidelock.
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If you email Robin Brown at I would be surprised if you don't get a response to your questions.
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