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German drilling rifle cartridge

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10 June 2006, 07:23
Rusty Marlin
German drilling rifle cartridge
My mom has a very nice old drilling in 16x16 over something unknown. We have 4 cartridge cases that are in the trap door in the stock but they have no dimensional data on the headstamp. I was hoping sombody here could help me.
basics: straight wall, rimmed.
rim dia: .531
case head dia.: .467
case mouth dia.: .465
Rim thickness: .056
length: 2.024

The cartridge would be designated an 11.3 x 51R or 52R based on the sample cartridge dims, but I can't find any data on anything that matches these numbers.
The closest match is the 11.4 x 50R Werndl M73, but its diameters are larger than what we have by a significant amount;
rim diam.
Mom's: .5135", M73: .571"
case mouth
Mom's: .465", M73: .472"
case head dia
Mom's: .467", M73: .493"

The case mouth is an easy one to expalin and simply ingnore, but the rim dia. and the base dia.s are off enough to give me puase on a positive I.D.

Head stamp info: (slashes indicate marking at 180 degrees, they are not on the headstamp)
stamp 2: B. STAHL / ST
stamp 3: B. STAHL / SUHL

Well there's everything I have. Anybody know what it is?

PS I have also put this post on the Reloading Forum.

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