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What methods do you use to mount cartridges on display boards. I was thinking of drilling them and using a small screw and a spacer.
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A dob of holt melt glue does a good job, you've got to be quick though & only get one go (ask me how I know Big Grin ) I've also seen PVA glue used, not the modern stuff like Fullers Maxbond but good old PVA, does an OK job as long as you don't want to pick it up & shake it. If this is to be hung vertical, be sure to degrease the cases & in that case I'd probably go the holt melt way.
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I don't mount them to a board (can't re-arrange or examine them), and if I did it would matter as to what kind of display I was making IE a general display I would use 2 loops of copper with, one in the extractor groove and one at the shoulder, for a "manfactures line board" I'd probably try to find some of that gummy stuff they use to hold cards in magazines, etc (the stuff that rolls/peels off and leaves no trace behind).
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Originally posted by Tailgunner:
I'd probably try to find some of that gummy stuff they use to hold cards in magazines, etc (the stuff that rolls/peels off and leaves no trace behind).

Thats a really good idea & one I'd not thought of before. Any idea what this stuff is called, available from?
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In my eyes,to drill out a perfectly good shell and drain the powder will ruin it, (and resale value drops like a lead ballon.).....With older shells I want to display (I only buy live rounds)I may use a small presentation frame(not wood) that is hinged,(like a book)inside I put in carpet foam per se ...and then over the foam ,I use velvet or felt material,install cartridges inside ,and close lid,pressure should keep them in place ....but it takes getting a knack to can buy these at walmart or any craft shop....

I also bought an aluminum bulletin board (wood display cases are acidic to brass),I bought some flat aluminum stock for shelves ,on top of the shelves is two sided poster tape...the cartridges I collect are identified by marker on the side of the shell,they stand on the poster tape,which holds them securely,but are easily removed for inspection,rearrangement ,and then they stick right back on the tape (I am an evil genius),b/c your collection is always growing....tape and residue from tapr ruins the brass ,as does any metal that touches the brass ....purist collectors want the shells to look proper for their age !....I would estimate that I have app 400 different rounds in the aluminum display case's just about full .....then I will remove specific shells,ie...the "Dakota's" and place them in their own diplay case .....when friends stop by they always want to see the bullet display I'm into collecting Speer bullet boards also purchased so far ,I believe I have 5 to go Red Face) see ya BB34 lol
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Try velcro-ing them to the board. Cut sticky small squares or skinny strips and attach to the cartridge and board. That way you can rearrange them. You can get this stuff at Lowe's in their hardware dept.
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I use the clear sealant that plumbers (maybe even McCain's Joe) use to seal bath or wasbasin surrounds. It gives a good grip and sticks well to both the paper backing of the cartridge board and metal. It is the sort that comes in long cartrdge type tubes that you insert into a pistol shaped "gun" to use cold.
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Here is a link to my cartridge collection.

I display around Alaska at gun shows Etc. Entered it in the State fair one year and got Grand champion! The white board is a VERY dense fine grain particle type board with a hard thick gel coat overlay. I have never had a corrosion issue with it. (25 Years now) You find it at builders supply stores in 4 X 8 sheets. It is used in tub surrounds and sink walls.

First step is to lay out all your cartridges and decide how you want them arranged. I went small to tall, left to right. Then figure if / how you are going to label them. My Wife uses a new black Sharpie pen and does a very beautiful print job below each cartridge. When you get them all laid out and allow for labeling space measure how big the board will be and also measure row /labeling intervals.

Take a hack saw blade and cut a small slot at the edges of the board that corresponds with the rows (it will be hidden by the frame) and run a tight stretched thread from side to side or top to bottom -- depending on your row lay out and pull it into the slots-- A big granny knot will hold it in the slots. This will be your guide to make things good and straight and pops off when you are done with out a trace.

To stick the cartridges to the board I get a new squeeze tube (not the caulk gun size) of CLEAR silicone and cut the tip very small. The small cartridges get 1 dab --medium 2 dabs on up to 5 dabs for the big boys.

I am on my 3rd board now and have to rebuild it to accommodate additions every several years. I have lugged this display around the state and have never had one fall off.

When I rebuild it they just pop off and a good strong thumb nail scrapes off the bulk of the silicone, and it leaves no mark on the case. If you are careful just a little touch of new silicone on the old dabs and back on the board they go. You can't see the silicone on the back of the cartridges and heat does not affect it where as hot glue will sag or drop them if the sun hits the board or in a hot vehicle.

When you label with a Sharpie, mistakes can be taken off with a Q tip and Brakeclean, Electriclean or Isopropyl alcohol. If you screw up and get silicone where you don’t want it you have to use several CLEAN, DRY patches of paper towel or cloth to get clean. Wipe once and THROW IT AWAY or you will smear that stuff from hell to breakfast. This has been a real rewarding hobby and people flock to look at it at wherever it is. I hope when I retire the cost of fuel is such I can bounce around the lower 48 with this display.
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Very nice display thumb

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Wasilla.....I might just copy your display as I really like it!

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