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6.5x58mm Rimmed Sauer

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14 April 2006, 10:11
375 AI
6.5x58mm Rimmed Sauer
I recently ran across this round. Actually a drilling chambered for it. I can't find any reloading data for. Is there a more modern cousin to this? I would purchase the drilling, if I could simply get the rifle tube rechambered to some still in production.
14 April 2006, 23:21
Try e-mailing my friend Marc in France .... ....
He forms brass, reloads, and is is an authority on everything re: reloading and cartridge re-forming. Tell him Alex sent you.
15 April 2006, 01:16
375 AI
Well, after a some more research. It appears that RCBS sells forming dies to form this cartridge from 30-30 brass.

That is cheaper than $45+ per 20 that I am seeing.

Still debating whether something like this is worth the trouble.
18 April 2006, 04:00
I don't have the URL at hand, but do a search on reloading data. There are sites with good data on the most incredibly obscure cartridges on the net.