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Looking for some more cases ........

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19 June 2006, 01:52
Looking for some more cases ........
Im looking for the following cases: 276 Pederson, 9.3x62 and 9.3x57, 224 Clark, any Gibbs cartridges, 6.8SPC and a 6.5mm MS. If you have any you would be willing to part with, please send me an email. I have quite a few 22 wildcat cases I could trade for them, otherwise, if the price is right I will buy them outright. Thanks for anyone that can help.

19 June 2006, 18:09
You looking for just the brass, or live rounds?
While I don't Have any spairs of what your looking for, I can direct you to a couple people that do have them for sale.
19 June 2006, 18:32
Just the brass would be good enough for me. Thanks for your help.
29 June 2006, 11:42
try this guy.. has a nice offering..

by the way, when's the next riot at msu??? Wink

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