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2 Different .577 T-Rex headstamps (Pic)...

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04 October 2002, 09:49
2 Different .577 T-Rex headstamps (Pic)...
Here are two different headstamp Pic's that I have, just an FYI...

06 October 2002, 00:24

Can I have more details regarding left one with headstamp R.Lenz.


I'll not ask you to trade it because you don't reply to my e-mail [Wink]
06 October 2002, 01:57
D Humbarger
Bernard could that R Lenz be made in Austria?
06 October 2002, 12:00
Bear Claw,

If you have more details on R Lenz, I'll be happy to receive it on my e-mail box. And do a search after it.
08 October 2002, 09:54
"Dear (BMG),
HH is my headstamp and means Huelsen Horneber. Robert Lenz is a German shooter and journalist. Both shells have the same dimensions.

Best regards

Is the response Dieter Horneber sent me. FYI

I'll reply soon. It's really been busy for me the past week & into next week, but soon.

09 October 2002, 04:04

Many thanks in advance for your reply to my e-mail.
18 October 2002, 05:42

I'm not hurry, I'm patient. But have received no reply uo tp now.

31 October 2002, 05:39
Bernard is always like that , don`t worry !But make sure he gets what he wants ......!And yes , I`d like to have one of these in my collection too, maybe I`m just like Bernard ???? J�rgen
03 December 2002, 03:23
<577 Robert>
Hi BMG, hi all,
sorry for reading and answering so late, I normaly don`t look into this side of the forum.
The replay you got from Dieter Horneber is true. its me, Robert Lenz. The .577 Tyrannosaur A-Square cases was much to soft to get the advertised velocity, without very sticky bold lift so I decided to go to another source, where I get all my large bore cases from, which is Dieter. First batch was ordered at the 29th of August 1997.
Because I have payed the tooling for the .577 Tyrannosaur, I want to have my own headstamp. You can also find some .577 REWA cases with my headstamp on - that explains my nickname.
best regards
11 December 2002, 02:11
Hey 577 Robert !!
Please tell me your experience with the .577 calibers,,especially .577 t-rex and the .577 REWA.
Do you have any load datas you could share with me,,on beforehand thank you very much ! [Big Grin]
14 December 2002, 01:04
<577 Robert>
Hi Per577
Sure I have some data which I am willing to share.
I will have a look at the data at home over the weekend and will send some at early next week, because I have access to the net only during the week.