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AA sucks
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American Airlines made a big hoopla about having direct flights from Miami to Cordoba almost a year ago. So, we book flights in December for a trip to shoot pigeons at two different lodges back to back. Now AA cancels the flights. I wish some other airline would fly from the US to Cordoba.
For the record, I am approaching 5 million miles on AA but they are really pissing me off,

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Learned my lesson with AA after they cancelled my flights to BA 2 years in a row. I will never set foot on another AA flight.
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Dr. J,

Apparently, that flight just didn’t get enough bookings. I was excited about it for our clients in close proximity to Miami. It didn’t make much sense for me, as it is no different than DFW-SCL/EZE-COR for me. I’ve flown through MIA to EZE or SCL before (once even APQ) many times before, and it sucks. ATL has been about the same.

I still want to try the United from Houston to PTY and spend a day or so fishing, then try their direct to COR. It arrives early in the morning, and depending on where your outfitter has fields, you can hunt that morning after a relatively shorter flight than all the others (except the hour or so connections from EZE or SCL).

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The same thing happened to us! We booked about two months ago and only found out about the cancellation after another member tried to book it. Still have not been contacted by AA. Talked to an agent and was told they honor the fare and to look later!

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Originally posted by drj:

For the record, I am approaching 5 million miles on AA but they are really pissing me off,

That is a HEAP of miles; I have over a million on United and just about 2 mil on Delta. Don't miss flying every week at all.

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When I saw the thread title, I had to take a look. I assumed for Bird Shooting it was about 1 of 2 things:

1) Recovering alcoholic was bummed he had to miss a shoot to attend his meeting.
2) Shooter had bad luck with Winchester's premier target shells used on birds.

AA for American Airlines. Will tuck that away for future reference.
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