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Encore 209x50 vs others?

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14 August 2020, 05:49
Encore 209x50 vs others?
Does anyone have any experience with the TC Encore 209x50? How does it compare with other ML's in that price range?

The Encore seems like a versitle choice with the ability to swap barrels/stocks going from ML to pistol, to CF rifle.

Are there any major negatives to the Encore 209x50?
14 August 2020, 13:58
My friend has an Encore 209x50. It fires every time and is reasonably accurate. He loves it. The thing I don't like about it is the stock design. It wacks me right in the cheek shooting it. By comparison, I shoot a Remington 700 Muzzleloader in .54 Caliber so, I am pushing a heavier bullet with a larger powder charge and it feels significantly less in recoil. Even my old Thompson Center Renegade with 209 conversion in .54 with the steel buttplate is kinder than the Encore.
16 August 2020, 21:23
buckeyeshooter, how would you compare the accuracy and terminal performance of the .50cal TC with your Rem .54cal?

Do you shoot full bore projectiles in the 54 or sabots?

24 August 2020, 19:19
Really, no difference in the field. Both easily take down deer and hogs on the spot. If you were hunting larger game, the .54 might have an edge because of larger diameter and heavier bullet.
Both guns are scoped and shoot 1 to 1 1/2 inches at 100 yards with the best loads.
24 August 2020, 19:24
We both shoot sabots. I shoot the .500 grain Barnes X in 275 or 325 grain and 2 pyrodex pellets. My gun has a 209 conversion kit, I think the Encore uses 209's too. He shoots 2 pyrodex pellets and the powerbelt 245 grain aerotip.
27 August 2020, 22:18
it is a great muzzlerloader and shots very well. I use 100 to 120 grains of blackhorn and cci 209 primers. use barnes tmz in 250 to 290 grain depending on animal I am after.
11 September 2020, 22:23
ST: Check the QLA Quick Load at the muzzle to see if it is concentric with the bore on any T/C muzzleloader. I have seen them so off center that it was easy to see with the naked eye. Very detrimental to accuracy.
01 October 2020, 07:23
I shoot the TC Encore with a 209x50 and 20 g turkey barrel that I use for Turkey and Predators using TSS. My TC Muzel loader shoots ragged holes at 100 yards. Shotgun patterns tight to 60 plus yards. Killed a coyote at 53 yards durung summer. I have three other black power guns that just sit in the safe as backups. Like any gun work up your loads. I use loose powder with TC Shockwaves. Nothing fancy.
02 October 2020, 06:32
Steve E.
I have two 209x50's, one stainless and the other blue. The blued one is more accurate than most off the shelf centerfire rifles. I shoot 2 Pyrodex pellets and a Barnes 250 grain Expander MZ bullet in a sabot.
When I first got it (shortly after they came out) it would smack me like buckeyeshooter said so I shaved down the stop of the stock with a slight downard angle to the front and all is well now, it's a dedicated stock for that barrel. The blue barrel is not going to leave me anytime soon.


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13 April 2021, 00:20
Fred Hubbard
My Encore 209x50 is also a very good shooter. Mine started as a rifle and has a camou Flex Tech stock and I find recoil seems very mild. The barrel is stainless and cleans easily using a 50/50 mix of windshield washer fluid and rubbing alcohol. As for the QLA mine is perfectly centered and shoots the big cast bullets fine.

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