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My weekend grab....first Flintlock!

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08 August 2019, 21:08
My weekend grab....first Flintlock!
Did some trading at last weekends gun show and picked up this .54 Flintlock.

Built by Butch Foreman of Andrews Tx...apparently he was a well known Rendezvous-goer and muzzleloader fanatic. He had apprenticed under Jack Garner of Corinth, Mississippi. Using Siler Locks, Davis Triggers...and either Douglas, Green Mountain or Colraine barrels. Unfortunately he had passed away in 2014.

It's a beautiful gun. I am going to order some English Flint for it and some ffffg (this is my first flinter)...should shoot plenty good to scare a hog with!

I can't get the photos to embed but here is the link to my pictures.
09 August 2019, 03:30
Nice; nothing like shooting a flint lock; they aren't as unreliable as most think.
09 August 2019, 10:15
They can become most addicting. Have fun with your rock lock!

Pictures would be appropriate. Wink

I'm a trophy hunter - until something better comes along.
- Glen St Charles

*we band of 45-70ers*
09 August 2019, 17:49
Pics are under the Imgur link in original post. One of these in the same caliber is on my wish list.

Now you need a matching 36 cal squirrel rifle.
09 August 2019, 18:57
Originally posted by LHeym500:
Now you need a matching 36 cal squirrel rifle.

Good idea buddy Big Grin That would be a lot of fun


This one looks like a good match Big Grin
10 August 2019, 02:38
That is one fine looking flinter!

Get Close and Wack'em Hard
12 August 2019, 00:03
Looks like a really honest hunting rifle in a hard-working caliber. You'll love a tuned Siler lock.

I won't take a sermon longer than 10 minutes.
12 August 2019, 00:41
Thanks yall!

Bill - I hope so! I love .54 cal to begin when I saw the wood and talked with the gun dealer about the rifle I knew I had to find some things to come back with the next day and get it!

Finding a good lock has been what kept me from buying a Flintlock before now..I wanted a custom rifle so that it had good components to begin with over a cheaper big-box store flintlock. Can't wait to try it out!
14 August 2019, 08:47
Fell asleep at the wheel. Did not mean to ignore you. That 36 caliber is perfect assuming Bore is clean. If you get it or one like it bring it to Kentucky, and I will show you how to bark a squirrel.