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In seventy years no one will remember the enablers that helped Trump try to destroy America.
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Things weren't silent at that hearing yesterday about election fraud.

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In an interview with Fox News on Sunday, Trump broadened his claims to suggest that the FBI and Department of Justice were part of a plot to defeat him; after weeks of excoriating Georgia's Republican secretary of state for failing to overturn the state's election results on his behalf, Trump this week extended his criticism to the state's staunchly conservative Republican governor, Brian Kemp. On Monday, Trump added a new Republican target when he fired a volley of attacks against Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey after the state certified Biden's victory there.

Through it all, as Trump's charges have grown more and more untethered and vitriolic, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other top GOP legislators in both chambers -- not to mention the vast majority of Republican governors -- have raised not a peep of dissent.

"For me it's the dog that hasn't barked," conservative strategist and Trump critic Bill Kristol says of the party's silence about the President's unfounded fraud claims. "This is as if we've had the Army-McCarthy hearings and everyone is just quiet. No one is rethinking anything."

It took years for the GOP to unshackle itself from McCarthy, and even then the separation came only after a figure as formidable as Eisenhower, a sitting President and national hero, privately encouraged it.

As Kristol notes, with McConnell and other GOP leaders deferring to Trump so completely -- and many in the GOP breathing a sigh of relief over the party's surprisingly competitive performance in the House and Senate elections -- it's not clear where a critical mass of resistance to him might develop, despite his increasingly open attacks on basic pillars of American democracy.
"It was easier to get beyond McCarthy than it will be to get beyond Trump," Kristol predicts.

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