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"Esteemed civil rights leader"


A most stupid, selfish, ignorant, hypocrite is more like it.

Disrespecting the country that gave you home, us the ultimate treason!

You don't something, fine, but never, ever, disrespect YOUR country.

Sadly, taking a knee has become a worldwide idiots show of their utter lack of intelligence.

Fight racism. by being more racist?? rotflmo

Colin Kaepernick just can’t catch a break. The esteemed civil rights leader was dealt another crippling blow this week when his private jet arrived with cloth interior.


Not Italian leather.

Despite our country spending a century striving to eradicate racism, this latest injustice has the nation starting from square one.

“Is this a private jet or a 2009 Honda Civic!?” Kaepernick screamed at the flight crew. “This is exactly the type of systemic racism my ancestors dealt with! At least they rode on horses, which is way closer to leather than this stupid plane!”

It’s been learned that the racist jet was sent from Disney. The Walt Disney Corporation, most famous for drawing the Siamese cats on Lady and the Tramp, that Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah thing, and The Alec Baldwin Show now find themselves looking at several federal hate crimes.

“Asking Mr. Kaepernick’s magnificent tushy to be on anything but Italian leather is an atrocity unlike anything we’ve ever seen before,” Lawyer Mark Geragos yelled to the pilot as he came to pick up his client from the airport. “I don’t say this lightly but this smacks of the horror Jussie Smollett lived through.”

“Let’s get out of here and take you to a decent jet. Toss me your bag, Kap,” Geragos instructed his client. Kaepernick threw the bag but it flew several yards off-target and got stuck in a nearby chain-link fence.
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The travesty!

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I can understand that.....Skid marks clean up easier on leather than clothe.
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