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I need some bullets guys.
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Hey all I'm trying real hard to find 68 - 69 grain .224 bullets BTHP ot OTM for my AR-15 WITH a canelure. I cant find them and I know that they make them. I know the goverment requires on all there bullets to have a canelure on them there Mod1 or 0 or what ever they call has them. I'm looking to make my own Hornady TAP bullets basically but I want them to have a canlure on them so I can crimp them. No one seems to know where to get them at so I thought some of you guys might know. Thanks for your help.
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Use a Lee crimp die and don't worry about the cannelure. Turns out just like factory crimps with or without cannelures. Have you had bullets moving without crimping? Military primers are also crimped in and for the same reason - full auto reliability. Seldom a problem with small bore semi-autos, at least in my limited experience.

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There's scads of M855/ss109 bullets availiable (62grn). $54.00/1000,,,I personally have never seen anything heavier than that with a cannelure,,I'm with Paladin,,don't worry about it. If you really feel a need to crimp,,Dillon makes a taper crimp die that I prefer over the lee version. With either of them you must get the cases trimmed to the same length. I checked some rounds in my H-bar,,made some full power loads,,filled the mag,,shot a couple,,would pop one round out and check the oal,,no changes,,that was with hornady 68 grn bullets,,the taper crimp just kissing the rounds. The only thing I really crimp these days are my maxed out .45 colt loads using ww296,,Good luck,,Clay
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I generally either just use the Corbin HCT-1 hand cannelure tool, which puts a factory type cannelure on any jacketed bullet from .17 to .72 diameter (adjustable), when I need a cannelure where there isn't one.

But for this application, I've found that a little off the diameter of the expander plug used to prepare the cases, so you get about .0015 to .002 inch interference fit between the bullet and the case neck seems to work fine, without a cannelure tool and without a special crimp.

Most of the sizing dies you get off the shelf seem to have a little larger expander ball than necessary, so that there isn't enough "grip" of the case neck on the bullet. I get better groups from a machine rest with tightly-seated bullets than with a crimp, all else being equal.

I usually hone the expander down about .001 inch and finish it with successive 320, 400, and 600 grit abrasive. A 15-20 microinch finish is fine enough, actually, and much smoother than they come out of the box, reducing friction. If you are careful you can do it with a drill press or just a hand drill motor and successive grades of abrasive cloth...but it takes some time to reduce the diameter evenly and not get it tapered or wavey. If it is going to taper, best to taper it smaller toward the depriming rod end.
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