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Custom bullet making equip.

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24 March 2018, 01:40
Custom bullet making equip.
A friend bought the equipment and dies that made Shilen bullets several years ago. It is set up on a desk with drawers, 3 presses, carbide 6mm dies, leads squirt dies,core seater, and point up dies. It comes with a core cutter and the other various pins and so forth. It is basically set up to make 60-70 grain 6mm bullets. You can buy additional dies and use the same setup for the other calipers.

It will be at the Shilen Swap Meet the 14th of April.
03 May 2018, 09:39
Ray B
Along that line, the widow of a friend gave me a bunch of the stuff that he used to make bullets- the only thing is that I sure it is missing some of the needed equipment and I have no idea what brand the equipment that I have is. I suppose I could send a photo of it to somewhere like Corbin and ask them what I have & what I need.