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bleed off holes

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24 January 2007, 05:18
bleed off holes
I'm thinking of making a swage die and would like to use bleed off holes to get a constant wt. I have never seen a swage die except for photos. How big are the holes and how many?
24 January 2007, 05:41
elk hunter

I've only seen bleed holes on half-jacket pistol dies and core forming dies for rifle bullets. As I recall there was only one per die and they were about .060 diameter.

Hope this is helpful.
24 January 2007, 10:20
I just measured the one on my swage die and the bleed hole measures .075 the die makes a .360 diameter core for a 41 mag swaging die.
There is one hole. You could use two smaller ones that would equate to approximately same cross sectional area.
If you would like, you can e-mail me and I can send you a drawing for one to fit either a sport flight manufacturing type ram for a Rockchucker or one that will fit the Corbin swage press. I can paste the drawings into word for you.
25 January 2007, 01:40
jcunclejoe, email sent.