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Where to buy bullet resizing dies

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27 February 2011, 21:44
Where to buy bullet resizing dies
I need to buy resizing dies to resize my all copper Barnes muzzleloader bullets, types TMZ and Spit Fire after I knurl them up to a larger size. I wish to resizie them so they are all the same OD or as close as I can get them.

10 March 2011, 23:35
You do not mention size!!! If it is standard, much easier.

Any machine shop can make custom to spec. Bring money. Lots.

If standard, you might try lead bullet resize dies in a good press. Rock chucker is oldest probably.

Otherwise, you can go to the specialists, does such dies. Corbin, Dave ( and Richard,, do them. You catch them in a good mood and any die shop might. Hornady. Lee. Etc. Luck.
13 March 2011, 00:20
I assume you are just trying to get the sabots to fit tighter? Use a freezer tape wrap "patch" on the bullets; that will be easier than knurling. Yes, custom dies from a shop like Corbin will cost you many dollars. I would see if a Lee push through die will work for you. Sizing copper in a standard lead lubricating press won't work as those presses are too weak. Need a die for a rock chucker. Wouldn't be hard to make if you had time and a lathe. What size do you need?