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Need advice on how to liquidate estate higher grade guns and ammunition

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24 April 2021, 04:59
Need advice on how to liquidate estate higher grade guns and ammunition
Due to the death of my husband (AfricanHunter), I need to liquidate his estate. This would include higher grade guns and ammunition. Looking for the names of reputable auction houses or other suggestions. Thank you in advance.
24 April 2021, 12:08
Very sad to hear of your loss.

Best of luck in selling them.
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24 April 2021, 22:53
Also, sorry for your loss.

Rock Island Auction company is reputable. You might realize higher gains going to higher end retailers like William Larkin Moore company in Scottsdale. But the RIA folks seem to want to make it easy to sell through them.

Lots of money gets eaten in consignment fees or auction fees, so make sure you understand them, and understand on the auction if there's a minimum under which the item won't sell.

Hope this helps
25 April 2021, 13:53
Sorry for your loss.

I am involved in the auction business as the Middle East representative for Holt & Company, who sell in the UK and online worldwide.

Personally, I would go down a US based auction route, for simplicity. A lot of deceased's estate firearms are dealt with like this.

Rock Island have a good reputation.

Good luck.


30 April 2021, 21:04
My condolences Mrs. AH. Best wishes.

My wife will have similar concerns, although my children will be bequeathed some.

I would find a trusted, knowledgeable friend to provide a cursory appraisal/ estimate of their value. Especially if you are considering selling the entire collection. You might even find some success doing that here. Did he keep a spreadsheet on his collection? That would make my suggestion somewhat moot as at least you might have the original purchase price. Also, be aware. African rifle ammunition is extremely expensive. Do not just give that away.

Good luck.


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13 May 2021, 05:02
I have told my wife; make one phone call; to Rock Island Auctions; they are 3 miles from here. They will handle everything, travel to pick up collections, have world wide clientele, and are honest.
Friends? I have seen so called friends turn into crooks overnight when faced with such a task.
RI Auctions (actually in Milan, next to Rock Island), charges more and less, 20% depending on selling price; they will go over all that with you.
Assuming you do not want to sell it all yourself; piece by piece.
13 May 2021, 08:45
I agree totally after trying to help widows in the past sell off the pieces. No good deed goes unpunished. I will never do it again.

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14 June 2021, 23:00
Also...don’t sell them for what he told you he paid for them!