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Every man has a right to his opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts.

Bernard Baruch
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There are some hot springs out side of Fall River Mills in northern Ca. It looks more like a steaming swamp.
Many years ago, a dog jumped out of a farmer's pickup truck and jumped into the water. Word is he yelped once, went into shock and died quickly. The dog was partly cooked before it could be removed. That could have happened to one of the chicken cooking party very quickly. One slip or bad step and you are done.
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I was in Rotorua, New Zealand for New Years in 2010, a few days after a family of Indians (Possibly Fijian) had been visiting. What I was told was that the boy had crawled over a fence to get his picture taken. He paid the price. You don't screw around with geothermal. Rotorua smells of H2S, and is covered-up with geothermal vents and pools.
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Hey, I'd want to see if it's possible. Hot Springs chicken, better than beer can. Big Grin


When the horse has been eliminated, human life may be extended an average of five or more years.
James R. Doolitle

I think they've been misunderstood. Timothy Tredwell
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