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Guns and dyes.

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20 August 2008, 08:14
Guns and dyes.
My good wife doesn't mind me spending money on guns or ammo, although she almost moaned when I got the elephant gun.

So I had to bite my tounge when she said she was going to the hair-dressers to get dyed . . . Grey. Looked like a waste of money to me. Roll Eyes
21 August 2008, 15:03
Don't like that one huh?
Did I mention she was already grey?

And that other day she tried to start her mother's lawn mower. It had just been overhauled so the mechanic was told to get his butt around there and fix it proper.

Yes all he did was turn the fuel on and away it went. I had offered to go around there first but Mum in-law don't like men much.

Next week, one against me. (even dummer.)
24 August 2008, 02:43
Jal don't feel bad my wife had her hair died and fack nails put on also . I shutter when she tells me what it cost but like you said its fifty fifty. So I am a happy camper dancing
25 August 2008, 16:25
Yeah well, I suppose it's next week already.
My turn. I won't mention backing into her car while I was lecturing my son on driving.

But once I drove off watching traffic, indicating, turning etc. The old Van was running like a sick donkey so I pulled into my
mechanics workshop, telling him the engine was shot.
Went back later for the bad news and he told me I must have been driving with the hand brake on.