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Obama Has Issues And He’s Dead Wrong on All of them!
by JB Williams (9/15/08)

This is the problem with blindly entrusting your future to an individual who has accomplished nothing of any consequence in his past. It’s not hope you’re feeling, its euphoric blind faith.

As is always the case with career rabble rousers (aka community organizers), the fact that they have never been in the game does not hamper their ability to talk a good game. Obama says that words mean something and without any deeds to talk about, he’s right. However, compared to action and real experience, or in his case a complete lack thereof, empty words mean damn little.

Only those of equal inexperience, foolishly focused entirely upon voting self-interests, are impressed with the empty rabble rousing rhetoric of one who has never accomplished anything. Sadly, that’s apparently almost half of Americans today.

But when push comes to shove, a broken clock right twice a day has a distinct advantage over an inexperienced empty suit that has less than a 50/50 chance of getting anything right. Once the feel good luster wears off of the empty rhetoric and the people start asking for details, there is no place to hide from a résumé as barren as the Sahara. Any glimmer of hope in that, is just a rhetoric induced mirage.

Running on Issues?

Obama says he wants to run on the issues. If that’s the case, then why is he running from the issues?

He says he wants to run against John McCain, but every campaign speech is filled with rhetorical attacks on Bush and Palin, neither of whom is running against Obama for the Oval Office.

There are great doubts about Obama’s basic suitability for the highest office in the land. A missing birth certificate and an Arab name complete with Arab family ties only raises more questions about his many Arab benefactors. Let’s face it, when looking at the individual, there are far more concerning questions than the man cares to answer.

But beyond the basics, even if one assumes he is just another black Christian American seeking left-wing political power, his blank résumé presents a formidable road block to his quest for the office of Commander-in-Chief.

Nothing threatens his campaign more than his official position on the very issues he says he wants to discuss.

Running from the Issues

An in-depth itemized inspection of Obama on the issues will likely guarantee victory for McCain-Palin. As the old saying goes, you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but not even Obama can fool all of the people all of the time. Or something like that…

In the words of Obama mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, “the chickens are coming home to roost!†If Obama is half as smart as he thinks, he will continue to focus his campaign on bullying the girl. Trying to defend his insane official positions on the actual issues facing our nation will cost him the election.

Obama Has Issues

* It’s your economic ignorance stupid – Only voters equally ignorant on basic economics and in search of self-interests will buy into Obamanomics. There is no way to tax a corporation. Every penny in corporate tax is passed on to consumers, employees and shareholders. [That means you and me dummy!] And, for almost a hundred years now, our federal government has been running in the red. A close examination of fiscal history will prove that it is our extraordinary social spending which has, as Jefferson put it, “wasted the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.†Obama promises more of the same. Read Obamanomics 101 for Useful Idiots for the details.
* Ending the War on Terror – Only voters equally ignorant on the subject of war and national security will fall for Obama’s empty rhetoric concerning ending the war in Iraq or anywhere else. Ending any war requires a mutual interest in ending hostilities. Such a mutual interest in ending hostilities does not exist with Islamic jihadists at present. Obama’s unilateral decision to “end the war†is called “retreat†and it will end nothing. It only allows the enemy to claim victory, regroup and bring the war to a new front of their choosing this time.
* Making America Safer – Only voters who have no idea how to secure themselves or their own home will believe in Obama’s plan to make America more secure by giving terrorists and illegal invaders more civil rights, while forcing our intelligence community to work in the blind and demanding that our soldiers fight with both hands tied behind their back. (See Obama’s security plan here.) [aka U.S. Suicide Plan]
* A Matter of Life and Death – Trusting folks who see no need to protect the innocent life of a defenseless child with the security of 300 million innocent citizens, each of whom has an unalienable right to life, is akin to entrusting your bank account to a career embezzler. Obama may not know when life begins, but NARAL sure knows where Obama stands on how life ends. NARAL gives Obama a 100% pro-death rating. (Learn how Obama really feels about the unalienable right to life here.)

We can go on and on, issue after issue and the results won’t change. The man who has done nothing is wrong on every issue. Of course, so is his running mate and most of their nutty supporters and that means that they will retain support from America’s most ignorant no matter how nutty their positions have been or might become.

As for Sane Voters

Sane voters know that there is no reason to waste time discussing issues with someone who hasn’t an ounce of experience managing even the simplest tasks. There is no reason to believe that two men who have run nothing are capable of running anything.

Those seeking a few minutes of entertainment might look up Obama or Biden’s positions on the issues here at On the Issues. Obama’s campaign rhetoric is sometimes more moderate sounding, if you happen to catch him speaking in front of a more moderate audience. But the freshman legislator has the most extreme left voting record in congress, albeit one of the most limited records in history.

Since Obama and Biden have a history of being hard left and dead wrong on every issue, they had better keep their campaign strategy focused on attacking Sarah Palin. The attacks won’t work because they aren’t true, but at least Obama-Biden can escape confronting their own failings.

Obama has issues alright… and he’d better keep them in the closet. When the voters figure out just how insanely left the DNC ticket really is this time around, supported by the Communist Party USA, even the staunchest DNC partisans will defect to the pro-American McCain-Palin ticket.

Obama-Biden had better keep bullying the girl. They are no match for the man who survived the Hanoi Hilton.
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Yep, Obama is just a bullshiter with no experience at anything except flappin his jaw.

Maybe he should try and get a job as a black hole salesman thumbdown
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Originally posted by GSP7:
Yep, Obama is just a bullshiter with no experience at anything except flappin his jaw.

Maybe he should try and get a job as a black hole salesman thumbdown

A pimp?
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A pimp?

I think bein' a pimp would come under self-employment. Ooga-booga has never help a private-sector job...
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