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Lion mounts
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Well it only took two years but I finally got my lion import certificate.

I would prefer to have mine mounted similar to these (body/face), mouth closed and looking regal. The biggest issue I have with what I've seen is that nearly all mounts with the mouth closed look as if they have a smirk on them. As you can see just a hint of a smirk in the second pic, but not as bad as most.

I did some searching last year after posting in the Africa hunting sub forum and went to various websites (thanks to all) and found these. Unfortunately, I forgot where I found them.

Anyone recognize the work?

The look I want eg:

My lion:

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My cats were all done by Life Form Taxidermy in White River, South Africa. World class work on cats. Depends on whether you want it done in the U.S. or in Africa.
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Originally posted by dogcat:
Call Jerry Huffaker in Abilene, TX. He is a world champion taxidermist and is the best I have seen. I have over 200 mounts and know good from great.
He has done my cats and it is incredible.


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I don't have a cat mount but Phil Soucy is renowned for exactly one thing: cats. It's what he does. I've never had anything mounted by him, but I've never shot a lion. If I did, it would go to him.
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that second mount looks like one from kanati in Pa. they do great work on all animals and cats are way up there also/ there website shows plenty of them to look over
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Jerry Huffaker. He has plenty of photo's to review, runs a professional business and lives in your own State I presume. Hell of a Lion, congrats!

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I can only say I’ve seen Jerry Huffaker’s work here on AR and maybe DSC, but trust those who recommend him. I’ve only mounted a bobcat and it had that stupid Cheshire grin. I laugh at it sometimes. Cat pros are cat pros. I assume you spent a good amount on your Lion, so go to the right guy or you might not get what you want.

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does that top lion have blue eyes?

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I would throw my name into that mix. WE specialize in cats. I am finishing up a great african male as we speak can send you pics if you would like.
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Agree. I like the expression on Lion #3's face. I like the #2 mount though. That would do nicely in my house. Kind of what I want.

Hunting lion again next year. Hopefully successfully this time.
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