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Huburtus Drilling

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11 November 2013, 07:06
Huburtus Drilling
I have come across a Huburtus Drilling 16 gauge X 16 gauge X 7x57R. The stamp on the barrel reads "Klett Fluss Stahl". This has been a one owner gun, and it is in above average condition, it has not been drilled for a scope.

Has anyone had any experience with this gun?
How would I determine the age of the gun?
What would be a ball park fair market value of such a gun?
Does anyone have any history to share on this manufacturer?

Thank you
11 November 2013, 12:21
IIRC Hubertus was a house brand for either Kettner or Frankonia.

I can imagine the barrels probably have "Krupp Fluss. Stahl" stamped on them.

Yes, there is s Proof Code on either the table or the undersides of the barrels, should be a 3 or 4 number code to establish the "Proof Date" which for all intents & purposes is considered the manufacture date.

Nice you've found one that has not already been scoped; 16x16/7X57R a great combo.

Hard to say about the value; depending on the condition, extras, wood grade, etc. but they bring alot less here than in the U.S.; I'd venture a guess between €1400,- to €2000,-; so @ $1700.00 to $2500.00.


Number 10
11 November 2013, 15:54
Black Fly
I'm not an expert on German guns, but I've owned a few over the years and have tried to learn about them. I currently have a Hubertus made by Mefford. I have a friend who is a Mefford collector. He has seven or eight of them. He swoons over them. As Gerry says, there are a number of Hubertus named guns. I've seen Hubertus guns made by a number of different manufacturers, I suspect because St. Hubertus seems to be the hunters patron. The quality varies some as does the price.
The folks here who are experts definitely need pictures and more complete details to give a more precise idea of the price range and manufacturer.
A 16/16/7x57R is a dandy and handy setup.

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11 November 2013, 21:24
I've never owned a drilling,as this one is close to home I'm considering to buy it.I will take pictures and get them posted,any areas on this gun I need to pay attention too?
11 November 2013, 22:13
Black Fly
Most drillings are just lovely guns that have not been used hard. Like double shotguns, you're buying the barrels. In general it's like buying a double barrel shotgun. Check the proofs to be sure its calibers are the same as the fellow selling it says they are.
Here are some of the things I look for.
1. Does it work? Do the firing pins work both in and out? Do the selector and safety work? 2. Is it tight and on face?
3. Are there dents in the barrels?
3. Do the solder joints between the barrels seem tight? I check to see if they ring and then I run a needle up and down the ribs to see if there are any open spots.
4. Do the barrels seem to be uncut?
5. Ask if the springs are in good shape. Often times on the older guns the springs need retempered or replaced.
6. Do the gee gaws work, set trigger, flip up sights, and the like?
7. Are there cracks or breaks in the stock? Is it oil soaked around the action. Has it been refinished.
8. Any rust or pits in the barrels or on the action?
9. Are there any signs that someone home gunsmithed it?
10. Do you like the look of it and does it feel good?
Most things can be fixed, but they all cost money and the guys that work on these guns usually have a bit of a backlog.
Like I said earlier, I'm no expert, but I've gone through a couple drillings cape guns and combinations and lost some money learning what little I know.

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12 November 2013, 08:00
Thank-you for the list as you covered way more than I would have known to look for.
12 November 2013, 09:55
Hubertus was a house brand used by Frankonia. They were usually Simson made guns, I believe.

The proof date on the underside of the barrels at the chamber area will give the month and year the gun was 11/54, 9/28, etc.
12 November 2013, 15:23

Let us know how things work out.

Many times the owners themelves are not 100% sure on how all the Gizmoes work on the more complicated Drillings, cocking, barrel selection, de-cocking, set-triggers, etc. be sure to ask.

Above all and Bfly mentioned this ..... are the soldered joints of the barrels sound.

I hang the barrels with a metal coat-hanger and tap them with a screwdriver, metal-rod, whatever (you DO NOT have to wallop the heck outa them); just tap the barrels lightly every 3"-4" along the underside of the rifle barrel and along the sides of the shotgun tubes; you'll hear a crisp ring like with a Tunning Fork; if you hear a dull "clunk" something's amiss.


Hey Bud, your list is truly a mark of someone who knows what to look for on Drillings ..... great advice & well done.


Number 10
17 November 2013, 02:49
Great List!

Also, take the forend off with the barrels closed. Hold the grip and shake. It it rattles you'll be having a new hinge pin made soon. Wink
17 November 2013, 04:00
Black Fly
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