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Looking for Custom Shell/Cartridge holder

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17 December 2019, 00:00
Looking for Custom Shell/Cartridge holder
Hi All,

I have a 16 ga X 222 Rem combination gun that I like for predator calling, I have not been able to find a holder that fits a 16 ga. shell and a 222 cartridge! I would like to find someone that would make a butt-stock holder for two 16ga shotgun shells and two 222 cartridges.

Any help will be very much appreciated,
Marcos (elalto)
17 December 2019, 06:46
Check with.
Does nice work

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Mark Twain
17 December 2019, 21:56
Paul Tunkis
Well, most butt stock holders are made for 12ga. and/or larger rifle rounds. However; if you would be happy with a nylon pack there are lots of options. Get a 12ga carry pack with a zipper pocket. Get a large heavy needle and some carpet thread and modify it. This is what I did for my 222 combi. The 12ga sleeves can be cut in half with a seam that will hold a 222. The 12ga sleeves can be reduced in size by running a seam down one side reducing it to 16ga size.
23 December 2019, 17:06
AKAH in Germany makes folding wallet style holders for shotgun and rifle cartridges. I’ll be importing some in the new year. I’ll post them on here. PM me if you’d like something specific. I’ll see if I can post a catalog sheet here in the meantime.

Quick, Cheap, or Good: Pick Two
28 December 2019, 02:52
Got it done!!!

I found a holder online, all leather, made for 16/12 ga. shot shells. I got it and converted the two middle slots into four 222 holders. I think it looks OK and will serve my purpose perfectly.