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People who can rejoint a drilling

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09 September 2015, 05:45
People who can rejoint a drilling
I am looking at a nice Sauer drilling with scope in 16/8X57JR. It is slightly loose on the pin. It has caps over the pin that were originally intended to permit the pin to be replaced.

(1) does anyone replace pins any more, and if so who, and

(2) whom would you recommend to tighten up the gun?

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09 September 2015, 07:27
N E 450 No2
J J Perodeau is the man for the job.

He has moved his shop from Champlin Arms to his property on the lake.
He has worked on my doubles and my drillings.

His work is excellent.

09 September 2015, 18:56
I still replace hinge pins. It depends upon the gun but it is usually the best solution.

Updated website, some nice guns for sale. Check it out.
09 September 2015, 23:17
9.3 X 75R
I've used New England Custom Guns with complete satisfaction. Having been established by Dietrich Apel they sort of cater to German firearms.

DRSS: E. M. Reilley 500 BPE
E. Goldmann in Erfurt, 11.15 X 60R

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23 September 2015, 16:12
Heym SR20
if you remove the caps and then the open and rotate the pine by 180 degrees there may be enough new metal to tighten the action?