Sauer & Sohn 3000, 16-16/7x65R
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I have been thinking of getting a drilling for some time now, but have been in doubt whether I should go for a new/modern drilling (like Merkel K96, Blaser D99, or Krieghoff Optima) or an old drilling. The new ones are fairly expensive, in addition they are rather heavy and the barrels are often very short to my liking. The older ones are lighter and have longer barrels, which I think is favourably for the shotgun swing. After handling a lot of different models over several years I finally decided on an old Sauer & Sohn 3000 from the 60s, 16-16/7x65R, 25" barrels, and with a Zeiss scope 1.5-6x42.

Picture below is from a recent hare hunt, according to my beagle dog (you can see the GPS) there was nothing of interest out there, but the drilling was a joy to carry!

When I bought the drilling I got two boxes of Sellier & Bellot cartridges, 173 grain SPCE bullets... not sure if I want to use these bullets on wild game. Accuracy seems to be really good, however.

I have now bought reloading dies for 7x65R, and 140 grain Nosler Accubond, have landed on 53 grains of Vithavouri 160 powder, yields roughly 2600 fps, accuracy seems to be 25 mm at 100 m.

My primary use will be driven hunts with my beagle for roe deer in the woods, but also with the possibility of taking other small game like ducks, pigeons, grouse, capercaille, hare, fox, etc. One can use shotgun on roe deer in Norway, which makes a drilling a perfect tool for driven hunts – use the shotgun barrels for close and fast action, and the rifle barrels at longer range. The rifle calibre 7x65R also makes it possible to take larger game like red deer.

Although the old Zeiss scope is in good shape, I will mainly use the drilling with open sights. I have some experience shooting rifles with open sights, and although roe deer is a small animal I figure I’m good to 70-80 metres with open sights – distances rarely go beyond this where I hunt. I’m really looking forward to put this old drilling to use!
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Brown, congratulations on an excellent acquisition, lovely drilling!!! I have never in the least felt handicapped with the 16 bore and the 7 X 65 is as good a medium game cartridge as any out there.

I don't believe you will experience any difficulty using only open sights, especially at the ranges you mention. One thing is certain, the drilling will carry a lot more conveniently without the scope nor are the lovely lines disrupted. I don't own a scope for any of my drillings and I've never felt handicapped by not having one...but I like things up close and personal.

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I have a 16 over 7x65R combination and use a 139gn Hornady Soft Point over 51.5gn of IMR 4831. gives about 2600 fps and very effective on Roe and foxes. Mine has a Zeiss 6x42 scope in claw mounts which tends to stay on as most Roe are shot at first or last light where the scope really does help. Mine is 6 1/2 lbs so a joy to carry.

I have used the 173 gn round nose RWS on Roe - knocks them straight over with minimal meat damage, although a bit more recoil than my home load.

I also have a box of RWS 173 gn loaded with the Brenneke / ID Classic bullet. They are hot load - box says 2800 fps. They shoot near as dammit to the same zero as my home load. I am saving them for big red stags.

Enjoy the drilling.
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Nice combination, in fact on of my favorites. I have used the Sellier & Belliot 7x65 ammo on deer and found the bullets to be very reliable.

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I also prefer drillings with longer barrels and have two that are 65cm (25.6 in.) and and older one with 68 cm (26.7 in). I especially like the dural drillings. They are light and just as robust if properly used. IMO...the 7x65R is perfect for hooved game in North America and the 7x57R is just as capable. In my experience, both calibers shoot best with heavier bullets (150-175).
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Congratulations on a great drilling. Cool Cool Rates a Two-Cool

Mine is a twin, but with a 2-7 Hertel & Reuss.

I'm selling it only to buy another drilling I have wanted for many years.

I still have a Simson 90 in 12ga/7X65R, and the new drilling is also a 7X65R.

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