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Group Buy of S&B bullets from Germany

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15 October 2013, 05:14
Group Buy of S&B bullets from Germany
I have a dealer account with AKAH, a firm in Germany who has given me prices on S&B bullets for 9.3X72R and 8X57JR. Here is his price quote:

S&B Bullets .366 193 grs 9,3x72 R box of 100
EUR 30,00 (Price for 1000 pcs)
EUR 34,00 (Price for 500 pcs)

S&B Bullets .318 196 grs 8x57 JR box of 100
EUR 26,00 (Price for 1000 pcs)
EUR 28,50 (Price for 500 pcs)

I am sure that he means that the prices quoted are for a box of 100 bullets in quantities of 500 or 1000. As a comparison, Hawk bullets charges $40 for 50 .318 bullets. That's more than twice what these prices are. I can use a few hundred of the .318s. There may be an additional cost for export fee and shipping. I will be able to get exact figures once I get a better idea of the quantity needed.If anyone is interested in joining me for a group buy, please PM me your email and I will contact you.

Allan McKinney

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30 October 2013, 07:49
Mike Brooks
30 Euros equals $41.21 at todays rates.

Not too bad if shipping is reasonable.

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01 November 2013, 06:27
They just did an estimate of 20 euros for shipping. That pretty much kills the order unless there are a lot more orders. I have commitments for 2000 of each so far.

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06 December 2013, 06:15
I meant to say 200 Euros. Sorry

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18 December 2013, 03:46
Sorry I missed this. I'll take 200 9.3 bullets if you do the order.