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Kenya: Herders in Hospital After Lion Attack
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Kenya: Herders in Hospital After Lion Attack

By Kurgat Marindany

Four men are fighting for their lives in a hospital in Kajiado County after they were seriously wounded by a lion on Saturday morning.

The latest incident in the on-going human and wildlife conflict in the county was visited on residents of Emotoroki area bordering Orgulului Group Ranch who were searching for their lost livestock.

The herders stumbled on three lions feasting on the carcasses of three of their lost heifers and speared one of the beasts who pounced on its attacker injuring him seriously.

"The lion that was pierced pounced on one of us sinking its sharp claws and teeth into his flesh," said one of the injured men recuperating at Kajiado Level Five Hospital.

After overpowering its attacker, the provoked lion attacked the other three men who were trying to save their colleague before it was brought down after 30 minutes of blood-letting attack.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) County Director, Helema Hapicha told the Star yesterday morning that her wardens took the four injured men to Kajiado Level Five Hospital where they are recuperating.

One of the victims Timayo ole Naigola, complained of severe pain on his chest, arms and legs.

Others booked in the same health facility are Koileken Oria, Salonik Sunte and Oloshrua Mpoko.

The doctors said the four are out of danger


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Interesting as its starts out they they are fighting for their lives and at the end of the report the Doctor Says they are out of danger. Spearing a lion would be a great way to get F$&@(d up proper.
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