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BSA target rifle ?

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06 April 2022, 10:49
BSA target rifle ?
Very nice looking BSA sporter in a German auction....odd choice for target sights


pic supplied by Lancaster. ...hope this works
10 April 2022, 16:22
Wow, what a gorgeous and interesting rifle! Wonder if those are adapted Parker Hale sights.

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24 April 2022, 23:48
very nice looking rifle

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09 June 2022, 17:12
Bad Ass Wallace
Appears to be a sporterised SMLE with the rear sight a Parker Hale 7A with PH tunnel foresight. BSA did make these rifles including some converted to 32/40 Winchester.

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21 June 2022, 02:44
Looks to be a Lee Speed with target sights fitted.
Nice rifle but the barrel has been cut to 20.8" (530mm)