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Does anyone recognize this 1917 Enfield sporter stock?

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09 January 2017, 09:48
Does anyone recognize this 1917 Enfield sporter stock?
I'm wondering if it is a one of a kind custom, or a production piece. The rifle was apparently turned into a sporter in the 1950s. I kinda dig the old scope, too.

I was looking for a bare action to use for a new build. This old custom looks really nice. Like a time capsule from 60 years ago. I think I'll just restore the stock and bluing.

09 January 2017, 20:20
It looks like a Fajen or Bishop I once had on a 1917. beer roger

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09 January 2017, 21:35
It is hard to tell because every aspiring gun builder or kid taking woodworking in shop class could order one and "finish it" the way they wanted.

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09 January 2017, 23:39
i believe that is a bishop
10 January 2017, 17:18
p dog shooter
or a Herters
11 January 2017, 04:52
The grip and cheekpiece remind me of Bishop.