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6.5mm Carcano Moschetto TS...Info Please!

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09 October 2013, 09:41
6.5mm Carcano Moschetto TS...Info Please!
This might be a long shot but I'll ask anyway.

I just picked up a Carcano Mochetto TS M91 from a local gun shop and I am trying to date it.
There are NO markings on the receiver other than "Made In Italy" and the barrel numbers are confusing me since there are two and I have searched both with no luck.

The barrel/chamber is a hexagon shape and the top flat is marked "Brescia 1535"

The bottom flat is marked "153"

The underside of the barrel itself is marked "B1256".

That's about it. I know that this model was made between 1898-1919, but I would like to know the exact year and any other info would be great!

Thanks frank
10 October 2013, 06:45
If it was me I would check with NebrHogger on the Yesterdays forum. He has a book out on Cracanos.



NRA Benefactor Member
10 October 2013, 07:22
I will and Thanks!
10 October 2013, 23:52
What I've researched says that Brescia 1535 is the year of manufacture. Are you sure that first 5 is a 5 and not a 9?

Look at this site too. Sorry it's in Italian
11 October 2013, 05:23

Thanks for the effort!
Yes, on the barrel nut it definitely says:


Then on the underside of the barrel B1256
11 October 2013, 08:34
Herr and Smokin J,

I took another look at the barrel nut and on the next flat that says "Brescia" it says "1917"
but it was barely readable.

it's definitely stamped "1535" on the barrel and now I noticed 1535 on the stock as well.

I'm Getting there