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Help with I.D. Gew 98
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I recently inherited a Mauser 98 in 30/06. If anyone can give me any info about it after the brief/cluster of a description I'm about to give I would appreciate it.
On the receiver left side is GEW 98 along with the falcon emblem and serial # 9913.
Top of receiver is a crown and Danzig 1917.
Right side of receiver is a crown sitting on top of a D? And a crown sitting on top of a K.
The barrel is stamped 30/06 on the left side.
And toward the muzzle on the right side is MNS then a triangle the letters VP inside a circle and the letter F beside that.
All of the numbers match. It has an adjustable red field peep sight in the rear and a dovetailed blade front sight.
It has a bent down bolt handle.
It's sitting in what appears to be a decently made sporter wood stock.
I'm assuming someone took a matching 98 and rebarreled it to 30/06 but I know absolutely zero about Mausers. Any info would be appreciated.
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You answered your own question. It is a Gewehr 98 made at the Danzig arsenal in 1917 in Germany for WW1. It has been converted to 30-06. The little crowns are proof marks. The barrel marking is interesting and I would like a pic of that. MNS usually means modified nickel steel, and VP means viewed/passed. We used that and so did England.
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I would be glad to try and email you a pic. If you will send me your email address to
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