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Lee Enfield scope mount for a sporter

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Hi all,

I was offered a Lee Enfield bubba special recently that I passed on, but I could see the potential of a future project in one.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had a reasonable QD scope mount setup on one they could post up some pictures of? I'd like to be able to have/use irons but as I (ahem) age I tend to use scopes more than irons instead of the other way around.

Anyway, just wondering what sort of choices are out there. I don't really want some bolt on aluminum mount, I'd rather have something that looks a little nicer and also don't mind drilling and tapping.

Anyway, as mentioned if there are any pics of nice mounts I'd enjoy looking at them!

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I don't think there is anything that fits that criteria. Lack of good mounts has been one of the bugaboos for these rifles. Mounts are generally crummy unless you make one yourself.
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The front base is epoxied and screwed while the rear base is keyed, silver soldered and screwed. The screw holes of offset because someone else drilled them skew. That rear base incorporates the rear sight. Material used is 4140 and blued to match the receiver. The reason for incorporating the rear sight in the base is that the original sight mount was cut off. The rails and sight notch were milled in situ and are in perfect alignment with the bore. You can't find those in any shop though. It is a bit of an over-kill.

This one is keyed, screwed and glued and has survived the drop test. It's made from a bicycle alloy crank arm and was also milled in situ.

But there are good no gunsmithing scope bases out there which apparently work pretty well.

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I have used one piece Leupold/Redfield bases and welded the rear onto where the clip guildes are, on a #4.
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SARCO has a correct base for Enfields. Not cheap but they have everything you need. Check their ad in Shotgun News.
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EAW makes a nice looking mount but at their prices I bet they don't sell 10 a year.
It is the side mount style at the bottom right of the photo.

EAW Mounts

EAW catalog
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I'm at the same point Mark. I have my Aussie pal picking me up a set of Lynx rings and bases for me. As I had an as-new P14 barrel to use, I went whole hog and have ordered a min tolerance .303 reamer. If you reach that point you can borrow it when mine is done.
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