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MkV weatherby

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24 October 2021, 03:17
MkV weatherby
I’m looking at a used rifle, what’s it worth?

Weatherby mkv
Blued with black factory composite stock
Chambered in 300 wby
With Leupold VariX iii 3.5-10x in Leupold rings and one piece base
In 98% condition

What’s it worth.

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24 October 2021, 04:27
Had one, a Mk V deluxe, once chambered in 7mmWby, and to me it would be worth very little. I bought mine in like new condition for $400, but that was a couple decades ago. Don't get me wrong, they are a nice rifle but heavy and a bitch to get an accurate hand load. Considering what I ended up getting in trade value I was lucky I didn't have much invested in it.

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24 October 2021, 06:33
Thanks, Dennis.

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24 October 2021, 10:59
Prices vary by location so a Mark V with a synthetic stock could be six hundred to well over a thousand depending on which model it is. Try to find one like it on a gun trading sight.

Personally I've never had trouble getting any of my Weatherby's to shoot accurately.

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24 October 2021, 18:21
Probably worth about $2100. I have a 300 Mark V deluxe German manufacture in 300 Weatherby magnum and it will shoot 180 grain Partitions using IMR 4831 with a Federal 215 primer in five shot groups of 1 inch or a little less at 100 yards. This is the first and only load I have ever used.

24 October 2021, 20:20
With the glass and it’s a used gun (98% or not) it’s worth $6-800.

You always need to be into it cheap enough you can unload it without a loss if it is not a shooter for you.

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28 October 2021, 06:55
Probably worth about $2100.

Not for a regular synthetic.
28 October 2021, 09:04
Just to add a bit more...

If it has an injected molded stock and flat blueing it's likely a synthetic which goes for maybe $800+ in today's market. If it has a true synthetic layed up stock and shining blue metal it's likely a Fibermark. That adds at least a couple hundred more. These are prices for a bare rifle without scope or mounts.

While not a true lightweight rifle by today's standards they aren't that heavy either.

I'm a trophy hunter - until something better comes along.
- Glen St Charles

*we band of 45-70ers*
30 October 2021, 08:41
Big Wonderful Wyoming
Mark V's are always expensive 2nd hand in a shop.

On the street they are dirt cheap.

If you can get $800 for it, I'd take it. That 20 year old scope is worth $100-200.
30 October 2021, 08:46
Kyler Hamann
Please let us know when you are selling a Leupold 3.5-10 of any age for $100 to $200....

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30 October 2021, 12:54
DCS Member
I bought one about a year ago for $900 or so at my LGS where most new guns are at retail (no, I don’t buy those).

This has to be consignment/estate sale. It is “custom,” a term I use loosely, but many use it liberally. That being said, it was chambered for 7STW, muzzle break (I still haven’t messed with it enough to remove and try to find a thread protector, and has a custom mesquite stock. Yes, mesquite is heavier than walnut, but it’s damn beautiful and seems like it would be a great south Texas sendero gun. That being said, it shoots well, and I have a pile of STW ammo, and I really loved the figure in that stock. I really didn’t answer your question.

I haven’t been the biggest fan of Weatherby actions or cartridges. Take into account you’ll pay extra for the Wby designation on ammo, even if not Weatherby brand. If you like it and can get it for $800-1000 with the scope, why not?

I do think there are different countries where the MK V was made, which might affect value, but no clue.

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Marcus Cady

01 November 2021, 07:53
Big Wonderful Wyoming
There are two or three companies that made rifles for Weatherby in the USA, Saco Armament of Maine was a very good one. There are some made in California, and the newest ones in Wyoming. I am talking about Mark Vs not the Vanguards which are all Howas.

There are also Japanese Weatherbys that are high quality, and German ones that are pretty tired made by Sauer.

Collectors prefer the Sauer or the original California ones, though I don't personally believe they are as good as the current run, the Jap ones or the ones made by Saco.

I think they were made a few places in California; Atascadero, Paso Robles and South Gate.

Maybe there are more than that. I can't find my copy of the Weatherby book.
01 November 2021, 18:20
If I had plans for it.... 1,000-1,100 would be top dollar.

But I would sure open with an offer of around 800.00 Cash almost always talksSmiler
14 November 2021, 04:49
I have a Japanese Mark V I bought real cheap ($800) in 270 Weatherby. Really haven't bonded with it yet, gonna give it a try over the winter, if it works out I'll take it hunting next year.



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08 December 2021, 01:47
As you can see, any gun is worth what you can get for it, this thread has it underpriced to beat hell, and over priced over the top..Depends on if your selling or buying...

I think $850 to $1000 would get you a pretty nice one. Id go on Guns Int. and sell it under Weatherby rifles, as there you get mostly those that are interested in Wby rifles..they pay more as a rule, so check out what they are asking first of all..The scope is worth at least $300 to $350..

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