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2x20 scopes vs red dots
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I’m contemplating scoping my 629 but can’t decide if I want to go the traditional 2x20 route or a Doctor, Trijicon SRO or similar.
I’ve looked through slide mounted RMRs and just found the sight window to be too small for my liking hence the SRO appeals. Doctors are small but bombproof for the price IMHO.
As for 2x scopes, now that the FX11 is discontinued is it worth the bulk?

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For a hunting handgun I go with the 2x20 at a bit of distance and in lower light.

The magnification and light gathering ability of the 2x20.

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I have an UltraDot 30 on my 629 Classic, and prefer it to all the different scopes and red dots I've tried. Eye relief is non-critical, precision is good enough for shots on game out to about 80 yards for me (my range limit), very light weight so offhand shooting isn't adversely affected, and the tube makes dot acquisition instinctive. I would only put a 2x or 4x scope on a handgun for use rested in a stationary stand. I prefer to move around when hunting.

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I have had an Ultradot 30 on my Bisley Hunter in 44 for a while. Have thought about something like an SRO, but am happy with the performance of the Ultradot to 75 yards for my shooting.

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Have Ultradots as well as smaller red dots like the Burris Fastfire. Not much difference when shooting at targets or critters up to 75 yards or so. Also used scopes in the past. My current top choice is a Fastfire simply because they are smaller and look better on the revolver. I don’t like trying to line up the eye relief of a scope.

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I put a Leupold 2X EER on a Super Blackhawk some years ago. I liked the accuracy potential, but found it almost useless offhand. It really needed to be rested to do its best work.
The scope might let you make a 130-yard shot from rest, but it might keep you from making a closer one offhand, in my experience.

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Get both and see which one suits you best. My personal preference depends on the handgun and it's intended use.

For my 454 (Super Redhawk 7.5 inch), purely a dedicated handgun "hunting" weapon when not carrying a rifle or shotgun. I prefer a 2x Leupold as it gives me better accuracy out to 100 yds and also seem much clearer in low light. I use it from a tree stand but also stalking with sticks for a rest.I've shot bear and deer with it out to 75 yds or so in evening light and found it worked very well.

For my 44 mag (Super Blackhawk 4.5 inch) I found a Ultra Dot works very well an;d seems to fit the "balance" better for a shorter, lighter gun. Less bulky than the 454 with scope I like to carry it in the same type of should rig when I bird hunt with a shotgun as something I can use for deer or whatever out to 50 yds or so.

My 45 Colt (Redhawk 4.25 inch) goes with iron sights and is primarily a protection piece but I have had excellent results with good sights and loads out to 25 or even 50 yds depending on light conditions.

I would note that the largest game I've taken with a handgun was a bull moose at about 60 yds with iron sights. Lighting conditions were excellent and I was able to get a rest.

If you are going to use iron sights I would seriously consider getting progressive lenses in your glasses if you wear them, or look in to that concept even if you don't. It made a HUGE difference to me.
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