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SOLD!-Hollywood Universal Press for Sale

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08 May 2021, 08:15
SOLD!-Hollywood Universal Press for Sale
Have this Hollywood Universal press for sale. This is the version with the usual turret plus the shell holder turret and the priming stem turret. Comes with 4 shell holders installed, one die adapter, 4 priming stems a Hollywood 220 Swift die set and a Hollywood powder measure. Just went thru it cleaning and lubing it so it is ready to go. Operates beautifully and was a joy to have on the bench. I just don't use this anymore as my loading needs have changed.

$800 plus shipping. Money order, Venmo, check (if you don't mind the wait)


08 May 2021, 10:00
That would be nice to have
08 May 2021, 20:29
You are welcome to make me an offer, Sir.
13 May 2021, 08:52
another look
13 May 2021, 19:57
john c.
PM sent
14 May 2021, 18:02
john c.
and not answered
14 May 2021, 20:32
Sorry, was on the road to the Black Hills for a gun show. Will reply by PM
16 May 2021, 04:12
they are the best pressed every made IMO..I have a single stage Hollywood, weighs a ton, but put a cheeter on it and you can make 22 hornets out of 50 cal machine gun cases, well almost anyway rotflmo

Ray Atkinson
Atkinson Hunting Adventures
10 Ward Lane,
Filer, Idaho, 83328
16 May 2021, 04:22
They are great presses, I have a large turret model gifted to me by a dear friend. Good enough for the largest of calibers.

Updated website, some nice guns for sale. Check it out.
17 May 2021, 20:57
time for another look AND a price drop