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28 July 2020, 23:54
I have a collection of THE HUNTING REPORT newsletters from the 1990's to the collapse in 2018 that is just gathering dust and I would like to pass on to an interested reader or researcher. There are two stacks about a foot high and would probably be able to be shipped in one box that will hold 2 stacks of 81/2"x11" side by side. Shipping by USPS Book Rate would be pretty reasonable??
Let's start at $100 plus shipping.
I will deliver to or meet you in the Puget Sound, Western Washington or Northern Oregon area.

29 July 2020, 21:43
I trust that most AR Members were familiar with THE HUNTING REPORT newsletter...."For Hunters Who Travel"

This was headed up by Don Causey who was a prolific international hunter and writer who presented specialized hunts all over the world, with a focus on Africa. He also took hunt reports from subscribers, and had a section on THE GOOD, BAD AND THE UGLY" tracking and becoming involved in outfitter disputes.
It was a very well written newsletter.
Later Barbara Crown came aboard and eventually became editor and later she purchased the newsletter when it lost some of its teeth and pizzaz, fearing law suits.... later RIPCORD purchased interest.... and it kind of lost its focus and interest....
Quite a helpful and interesting newsletter when following specialized hunting trips, successes and failures, controversy. Very helpful in planning hunts world wide.
They had many local field writers to share local knowledge.


01 August 2020, 00:59
SOLD pending funds.
Thank you,

01 August 2020, 03:32
Scott Powell
I screwed up - should not have thrown all mine away!!

I really do miss it - especially when Don was at the helm!

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