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7x57 loads for Mauser 98
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I have a 7x57 in my project cabinet - well actually a 275 Rigby with a copy of Rigby's original barrel.

It's on a 1934 commercial Mauser Banner action. All of the book loads are below that of the 7mm-08. People chamber Mauser 98s in high pressure cartridges like the 270 and the various belted mags like the 300 Win and 338 Win mag.

Any recommendations on powder and limits? I don't want to make it into a 280 Rem, but I should easily want to match the 7mm-08 at lower pressures or exceed it.

I don't see any reason I shouldn't be pushing a 140 gr bullet at 2,850-2,900 fps. Quite happy at 2,800 fps. Was going to try 140 gr Sierra GK and TTSX, and 150 gr GK, Scirocco, and TTSX. Even have 160 gr AB and 175 gr GKs.

What are folks loading their 7x57s to?

I was thinking about RL-16 and RL-23 (or similar burn rate).


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RL-19 and the Hornady 139gr interlock bullet at 2750-2850 does a fine job on stuff around here.
50-51grs,, 52 if your wanting to start on the higher end.
it [the powder] seems to like a little hotter primer.
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Two powders, RL-19 and H-414 give me highest velocity and best accuracy..I load a good deal over book max with both and the Reloading books are extremely mild in regards to the 7x57, 8x57 due to the number of rolling blocks, mod. 95 and 96 Mauser, but in a good Mauser 98, Ruger 77, or Win. mod 70 you can max out at 60.000 PSI with room to spare..I can get about 10 reloads with a couple of trims, then anneal or better yet buy a new batch of brass for about $5? per hundred..

I love the 7x57 and 8x57 and their off spring, have for 60 plus years..Prefer a long throat that matches a 30-06 box for extra powder and velocity..

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