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416 Rigby 400gr SWIFT A V WOODLEIGH

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05 November 2019, 19:36
416 Rigby 400gr SWIFT A V WOODLEIGH
Good morning, looking to see if anyone has done any tests with these bullets. I have real world experience with the A Frame on Buffalo (2), but now with the Woodleighs. The reason I pose this query is because on more than one occasion, I've heard Woodleighs are relatively soft, particularly at MVs exceeding 2150 or so.

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07 November 2019, 01:42
I have had excellent with both Swift and Woodleighs on Cape Buffalo and lots of them..My all time favorite in the .416 Rem is the 350 gr. Woodleigh, same in the 404..and most any solid produced to day works, but I favor the gS Customs flat nose solid..As to "soft", Woodleighs, Ive never heard of that except on the internet, and they have a great reputation in Africa and most that have used them, most all my clients that came to Tanzania used Woodleighs, none were soft, they do expand with long wings at times as designed, maybe to some that's soft but its a damn deadly soft in such cases..

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09 November 2019, 02:49
Have used 410gr RNSP in my Rigby since day 1.
MV on average with them is 2550fps, not a single one has ever coined or flattened excessively, they all come out as a perfect textbook mushroom.
I have 1 that has one side of it shaved off due to being recovered in the hip of an Aussie water buff, it passed from the brisket to the hip diaganolly. Stella performance in my book.
They certainly are not soft.

19 November 2019, 05:11
I had a few Woodleigh bullets coin on me in 2000-2002. That was Federal Ammunition with the 410-grain RNSP. I switched to 400-grain Swifts with total satisfaction.

About seven years ago, I heard that the Woodleigh bullets were tougher. I have just stuck with the Swifts because it is a better design. A copper gilding cover on a hard cast, heat treated core would be fine.

Test the Brinell hardness of the Woodleigh core. That would likely tell the story.

29 November 2019, 23:34
Alec Torres
For the 416 Rigby, the Woodleigh manual recommends a velocity of 2350 to 2400 fps when using the 410 grain projectiles. Like all bullets they are designed for use within certain impact velocity ranges.

They also state that, "Over the years there have been many modifications. One major one was the development of the Protected Point line of soft nose bullets. There has also been a complete upgrade of jacket in 416, 404, and 505..."