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09 November 2019, 03:54
what is the most loaded bullet 'not cartage' you load for deer size game..? mine is SIERRA S.P.
09 November 2019, 07:58
my home made 30 and 31 cal bullets.
followed by Hornady interlocks.
09 November 2019, 12:48
For serious / trophy hunting, a selection of Barnes TTSX.
Everything else will soon be a selection of Hornady ELD-X when I have used up my remaining Hornady SST and Interbonds.

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09 November 2019, 20:10
The sad thing is, volume wise, it’s the .375 Barnes 300 grain TSX.

I shoot a lot more “deer sized” African plains game than I get chances at deer.

For a deer gun shot here, .30 cal Aframe or partition.
09 November 2019, 23:45
For deer size game (mule and whitetail deer, pronghorn antelope, bighorn and Dall sheep, caribou, and elk), the bullet that I've used the most in the past 40 years has been the 117 grain Sierra GameKing Spitzer.

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22 November 2019, 21:13
that's a tough one in my shop, I probably have 60 rounds each of a dozen bullets, that way I can stare at them for weeks prior to season trying to make up my mind... faint

But probably Nosler partitions and Accubonds, Hornday interlocks, are deer favorites.

Considering Idaho winters, and my almost 85 years what else can I do for 9 months, can't rope in the cold, so I reload, pull bullets, and reload them again!! rotflmo oh yeah, and build a couple of custom rifles at my leasure.

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23 November 2019, 00:52
Ram Rod
Mine has been a 150g Nosler Solid Base in my 7X57 mauser. Yes, I STILL have some solid bases!!
23 November 2019, 02:57
Nosler Partition 150 gr for both my 270 and my 7 x 57. They shoot real well in my rifles. Brushy country is where I hunt.
23 November 2019, 03:33
Uncle Grinch
90% cast boolits! My Garand is the only exception.

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23 November 2019, 05:59
.243, 25/06, 6.5, .270, 7mm, .308, .338 - Nosler Patitions.
23 November 2019, 18:19
300 gr. Partitions in 30-06. Correction, 180 gr.

24 November 2019, 02:29
Uncle Grinch
Wow... 300 grain in a 30-06?

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24 November 2019, 18:44
Sadly, North Fork bullets are gone, so my answers have changed.

90g Nosler Accubonds for 243 and 240 Wby Mag (or the old 100g Nosler Solid Base)

140g Nosler Accubonds for 6.5x55 Swede and 6.5 PRC

110g Nosler Accubonds for 257 Wby Mag and 25-06

150g Speer Hot Core RN for 300 Savage (Model 99)

130g Nosler Accubonds for 270 Win

140g Nosler Accubonds for 7x64 and 7x61 S&H

150g Nosler Accubonds for 30-06

I also loved the Nosler Solid Base (lead tip) whenever I can find them. Especially the 100g in 6mm (.243) for Pronghorn. If anyone has any of those in 6mm, 7mm, .308, etc, I'd be interested.


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24 November 2019, 19:12
In the 243, .264, .277, .284, .308 and .375 it's either a TSX or a TTSX


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27 November 2019, 19:43
ok, so MOST loaded bullet for DEER sized game was the question..

I've been using the Sierra 180 SPBT in my 30-06 since about 1974 for almost everything..
when I took it to Africa I use the 180 Gr Nosler Partition.

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28 November 2019, 05:11
Originally posted by Ram Rod:
Mine has been a 150g Nosler Solid Base in my 7X57 mauser. Yes, I STILL have some solid bases!!
That's what I load in my .280. I think the reason that Nosler quit making them is that people discovered that they provided terminal performance equal to a Partition but at half the price. I also load them in a .243 (100 grain) and a .270 (130 grain).
23 January 2020, 22:50
I bought gun show bargains for about 35 years and used them in about a dozen different calibers and they all worked.
So my hoard of bargains are mostly heavy bullets made by Hornady, speer and Sierra.
The popular plastic tipped or monometal bullets are rare to find as bargains so I never use them.
White tails do not need a premium bullet anyway. Any thing will kill them at 200 yards. Past 200 yards use a 25 cal or larger rifle with a 100 grain bullet. At 300 plus yards 6mm bullets tend to pencil through.
24 January 2020, 00:57
p dog shooter
For years price mattered .

I still load mostly hornday and serrias I did buy 2000 .308 165gr core locs.

Killed a lot of game with cup and core bullets and still plan to.
24 January 2020, 19:57
Just looked at my Nov. 23 post. 180 gr. partitions in 30-06.

24 January 2020, 20:02

In many calibers and weights.
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