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Help reloading H414
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I have been looking for powder for a while.
I have some old H4831 but walked into a place that just sold its last Blc2 and had only H414

I bought H414 to use with 140 gr bullets for a 7MM-08
or 150 in a 280.

It was all that I could find out of anywhere I called.

Any thoughts?
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Two of the most accurate loads I ever stumbled across, one in a 7mm-08 and one in a 6.5 Swede were fueled by H414. Good powder in these cartridges, and it meters very nicely. - dan

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H414 and W760 are the same powder so look for data on that too.
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H414 is great in the 7mm08 or 7x57

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Originally posted by Fury01:
H414 is great in the 7mm08 or 7x57

I used the Hodgdon reloading data to get some examples with this powder but was hoping for examples of amt of powder and vel achieved

Anyone have any actual loads for this combination?
Thanks, Jim
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I have some old load data from a win mod70 ( sofa 7-08) about 15ys ago.
139gr Hornady SP 2.85oal H414 46.5grs gave around 2700 f/s velocity out of a 24" barrel.
Primers made a difference with this powder I tried cci and federal and ended up with 9 1/2 Remington in Remington brass
Fire form once fired. H380 was a good powder as well I used the same load Velocity was 2750 f/s
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for the record, I think 760/414 is far too slow a powder for this round -

varget is amazing, tac/h335, 748, 3031 will deliver higher vels, and from shorter barrels

however, one burns what one has! which is why i am now a h335 guy .. it works for almost all centerfire rifle carts .. from 550 magnum down to 30 mauser or 223 - whichever you consider to be smaller - it works, but may not be the perfect powder for all those cases .. but lots easier to keep in stock

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however, run burns what one has! which is why i am now a h335 guy

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H414 is the only powder for the 7x57, 250 Savage and several others according to my chronograph and accuracy tests....

Its really underloaded in the loading books for the 7x57 and 8x57, but then so are the other powders..The mod. 95. 96 mausers and SS Rems. created that problem with those weak actions so one has to work up his own loads..mine are really beyond the manuals, and have proven safe indeed..WW760 is the same..The closest powder to H414 that Ive found for velociy and accuracy is RL-19 and again one must work up their own loads to find max. This can only be done by use of the chronograph and watching for pressure signs reading primers is a poor option to working up max loads, but not to be ignored either.

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H 414/WW760 with 140 gr bullets is the best powder I have used in 3 different 7mm/08's. Good velocity, (2900 in 24" barrel) and great accuracy.JME

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I remember the old-time reloaders talking about making due with the little that was available to them back then.

And here we are in this 'Can't get S*#t' era and we're having to adapt to 'run the stuff we got'
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H414/WW760 has a burning rate very close to IMR4350. This is NOT to say that the two are interchangeable, but that most applications where 4350 works well then so does H414. You can get a little more of the ball H414 into a case than you can 4350, so in instances where 4350 is just a tad too slow a couple of grains more of H414 may provide a boost in velocity.

I would think either powder might provide good performance in a 7/08 using bullets of 140 grains and up.

A note on H335 (WC844): It was originally formulated for the 5.56 Nato (.223 Rem). Although it is adaptable to larger cases it can be erratic (exhibit "non-linear" burning rates) when used in such cases, so care is advised when using it in such cases. WC846 (WW748, BL-C2) was developed for the 7.62 Nato (.308 Win) and behaves more evenly in that size case.
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