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Re: Looking for advise on feline armament.

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16 September 2004, 04:35
Re: Looking for advise on feline armament.
Officaly no. I do not plan on letting that stop me. I just have to go covert . It will take some doing but I will get it done.
02 September 2004, 17:31
This is a great excuse to buy a high powered airgun. Check out the thread in the airgun forum that talks about best guns under 250 if price is an issue. Good excuse to get into a new hobby too, airguns can be addictive. .17 lead pellets are cheap and effective on game under 10 lbs if you have good shot placement. .22 pellets are considerably more expensive but still reasonably priced and will anchor larger game more reliably.

CB caps are fun to shoot also and very quiet out of a 10/22. You will have to manually load each one because they dont have the recoil to move the bolt.

Shotshells out of a 22 or larger caliber handgun are sure to get their attention also.
02 September 2004, 18:08
As Dan said the CBs are excellent close range cat whackers. I prefer the longs 'cos they won't lead up your chamber. If noise is a serious issue don't use them in a pistol.

Bows are excellent on felines also. The vertical takeoff at impact is most entertaining. Only problem is the arrow will not stop inside the cat so there is a risk of floor/wall damage. Also remember that bows rarely kill instantly so you will need to carry a sidearm in case kitty charges!!
03 September 2004, 08:22
MH, assuming .22 CB's, head shots are the rule de jour for porch panthers or Garagaurs, if, and I emphasize IF, you want them DOS(Dead On the Spot). Behind the ear, in front of the ear, between the eyes, in the eye or up the nose. Also, the juncture of throat and head, right at the point of the jaw is a sure winner. If you scale everything down it's a lot like deer hunting with a 30-30. Heart shot, they'll make 15 to 30 yards, not much more.

RxMan, that be some major league pussy there, and I'd guess pretty high maintenance too. The Maine Coon is no more immune to the vaunted RF that any of the rest though, so while the .45 might be fun it isn't truly needed. As to the girl, well, I have a checkered past there so I shant be handing out advise. Have you ever looked at your wife thru a Leupold 1.5x6?


Pres., TYHC

03 September 2004, 06:42
Looks like I have an excuse to put that new scope on the wifes Marlin. Then I get to buy more ammo. I will be moving, so really can't buy any new toys for a while.
On shot placement, where is best so the beast wont run under the floor to die and stink up the place? I am assumeing the head is best.
This was the first test using Sierra 55gr blitzkings, exit was about the size of a quarter.
For a litte more sporting pussy shooting I am thinking letting the dog under the floor and waiting outside with the 20gauge that ought to be some fast action!

Thanks Matt
03 September 2004, 06:46
Might need something in the 45 cal range for this porch panther!

03 September 2004, 10:13

For the meat of your question I'll suggest you trot over to the other end of the rainbow and examine some low power equipment. I know that quality air rifles will do the trick but they cost a bit of money, and I'd rather see you buy bullets than guns.

Excellent advice!


Your 10/22 will not work with my suggestion, but if your handguns are revolvers they will. Simplest solution is CB shorts or CB Longs by CCI or Remington. They are low powered .22 rf's, subsonic, and if fired from a long barreled rifle make very little noise. From a short barrel they sound like shorts. It may be a good time to haunt the pawn shops in search of an old single shot rifle for this purpose. Don't be mislead by their their position on the Taylor KO Index ladder, they are not toys and are extremely lethal, though shot placement is important if you want 'em to drop on the spot. 50 yard ballistics for the CB'sa and Hi-Vel shorts are close to the same numbers BTW.

The CB's won't cycle the 10/22's bolt, but the "longs" will feed through the mag when the bolt is manually operated. I went whole hog and got two Volquartson magazines for the 10/22 designed for a .22 short. VQ makes a complete "short" conversion kit, but I mainly needed the mags. I shoot a lot of CB shorts through one of the 10/22's and the other one is suppressed, so I often feed it short "target" ammo (830fps).


. . . Another thing that comes to mind is a bow or crossbow, both good for the cause.

I have seen excellent results using a high powered bow and "bludgeon points", a style of blunt tip, at very close range. No overpenetration problems, in fact, no penetration at all. No blood, no marks - just a major crunch, looks like Fluffy might have been lightly hit by a car, or heavily with baseball bat. I use a 75# bow, but a 55 is really all that's needed, unless you hunt Maine.


Personally I consider the Hart live traps unsporting.

Agreed, if one (who was not able to properly hunt for some reason) were to resort to trapping, I suppose one might as well go with a Connibear in a bucket and save the ammo otherwise wasted on an easy shot. There is very little in life more efficient than a Connibear. Elegant beauty.


It's not much challenge to shoot them in a trap, and cats don't swim well when they're wearing one of them.

Well, I've rambled on enough for now. Really, the only limit here is your imagination. Shovels, stick shift Chevys, golf clubs, they all work. It's just a matter of getting into position! Good luck!

Agreed again, location IS everything.
04 September 2004, 23:04
Here's the boomstick:

Here's a link about the boomstick and here's another.

04 September 2004, 21:06
I especially like the proximity fusing on the HE warhead. The field lion can be completely hidden, behind a building, a small child, or whatever, and you can laze the distance, and it can automatically set the range of where it will explode.

Talk about your smart weaponry.
05 September 2004, 03:50
AhHa! One of those short range things! Well, there is little that substitutes for HE on target, regardless of the range! Potentially, a great CATastrophy!


Pres., TYHC

04 September 2004, 07:32
I will commend Marlin for stealthy garaguar (I love that name) shooting. My stealth gun is a .22 lr Model 39A, with the looooooong, heavy barrel. With CB longs, it makes just as much noise as a mouse fart and is mighty accurate, with an el cheapo 3-9x40 scope mounted.
04 September 2004, 14:54
It's built on the 50BMG lower - check the current issue of popular science...


P.S. who said anything about "sport"?
04 September 2004, 14:13
Oh Ye of the warped imagination, I recognize the fun, but where would the sport be? BTW, can you load those things with paper patched hollow points? What muzzle velocity, BC, barrel length? Is this a shoulder fired weapon? I have fired 40mm for the hip AND single handed, 25's shouldn't be a problem.

120mm, had to field strip my 550-1 the other day due to cycling problems. Damn thing will cycle CB shorts but not longs. WTF? Gave it a thorough cleaning and a touch of lube. Haven't shot it since, but if it doesn't work I'll either buy a replacement or cut a coil or two off the spring and see what happens. Thing shoots well though, I'll give it that. Just wouldn't want to face a charge with it.


Pres., TYHC

05 September 2004, 18:52
I really like my CZ Silhouette, with Aguilla ammo those little conicals are super quiet and very accurate.
04 September 2004, 14:02
Where's the fun in using rimfires? The new 25mm Barret that the Army is buying is a much more satisfying "boomstick", plus you get to drop the middle "S" from the "3S" method(shovel)