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Re: Storm victims and side effects...

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13 September 2004, 17:07
Re: Storm victims and side effects...
Cathunter, didn't know you were in the neighborhood! Thanks for your help as I have friends in Arcadia, family in Melbourne and Orlando and PBI. There is no safety in numbers BTW.

If you find yourself heading north along I-75 I'd be pleased to spring for a cold one. Hope to be here awhile, 'ceptin' if Ivan comes to town. Give a holler...

Ned, not me, not now. Trying to talk some fereigners into it though. OTOH, in about 5 years I'm headed out to Wolfer's country. Don't think I'll do winters out there, but it seems awfully attractive during hurricane season...


Pres., TYHC

13 September 2004, 03:33
It is day 34 of the siege, Ivan has slowed and we have an apparent extension of 24 hours or so before doom comes to town. NWS thinks it's going up to Panama City, I think they are out of their minds, only because I've never seen a tropical disturbance punch thru a frontal boundry, like the stationary one sitting atop us at the moment. Well, that's my opinion anyway.

Odd things I've seen in the last few days: One dead redtail hawk, not roadkill. Nearby, a ring necked dove with a broken wing. Up at Lebanon Station, a roadkil bobcat, which is an unusual but not unkown occurrance. Nature is unkind to her own when she throws a bitch-fit.

Another side effect is that the deer in central Florida have jumped right into the rut, so I guess we'll have the "Generation Odd" for the family tree now. This report is from the vicinity of Blue Cypress Lake west of Vero Beach. The ranch owner that told me of this has what was once a lodge on his place, that was initiated on the evening of 12-6-41 and nearby are(were) two hickory trees with butts of about 7' and a height of near 100'. Sadly, they were lost in the storm.

The Citrus County EOC seems to be as punch drunk as everybody else right now and when asked about plans for Ivan they say something akin to "Don't bother me, I've got a full plate at the moment." That might be a good thing when all is said and done. There was a substantial water and ice shortage a few days back because they had no drivers for the rigs(100) in Jacksonville loaded and ready to roll. 'How did they got there without drivers?', I asked. Silly question I suppose. This caused a minor problem for those recipients of MRE's as they use water to hydrate some components. I suggested BBQ cat as an alternative, got nothing but glares from the blue hairs. They obviously aren't hungry enough yet.

I await the proper moment to say, "You're right, it's not like this in (pick your favorite Yankee state) Matilda, take I-75 north.


Pres., TYHC

13 September 2004, 13:53
N. S. Sherlock
What? Rethinking that Florida lifestyle? It took the Spaniards 350 years to figure it out.
21 September 2004, 15:16
Thanks for the offer DigitalDan. That ought to teach me to check back sooner. I very seldom pass up a chance for a brew. Maybe next time. Did not have to work Ivan as I was thinking. Working over in Atlanta now, kinda close to the airport. Probably be here all week long getting those good paying 14 hr. days.